Why Your Opinion Is None Of My Business.

I've had a bit of a revelation recently and it's freed me from a lot of anxiety and stress. For some reason, I don't know whether it is because of my age or everyone gets it but I've found that a lot of random people have been sticking their opinions in at random times. Now … Continue reading Why Your Opinion Is None Of My Business.


New House, New Mindset.

The last couple of months I have been completely MIA. I seem to say this pretty much every couple of months and always come out with the same reason every single time 'if i'm not feeling it, i won't blog.' Ultimately I'm not bothered as to whether people read although it is a nice feeling … Continue reading New House, New Mindset.

Makeup With A Toddler. An Insight.

Hello Guys, Anybody who has kids knows that the easiest of tasks becomes close to impossible. The 'I'm just going to nip down the shop' period of your life is over and taken over with frantically throwing spare trousers into bags and crawling under tables for lonely solitary shoes. Nothing is just 'easy' and everything … Continue reading Makeup With A Toddler. An Insight.

Snow Days Are The Best Days.

Hi Guys,  I'm pretty sure that I'm not on my own when I say that the last few days have consisted of getting super excited whenever it has snowed and then consequently disappointed whenever I realise that the snow hasn't set and if it has then it's a sludgy mess. Thankfully this morning was definitely … Continue reading Snow Days Are The Best Days.