My Going Away Makeup Bag.

So I am pretty much one of the most unorganised people you'll ever meet. Not intentionally, I genuinely hate when things aren't payed out colour coded and nicely coloured but unfortunately I suffer with an awful ailment which is called procrastination. I will spend the entire day thinking about how I can do something and … Continue reading My Going Away Makeup Bag.


Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Review.

This is a review that I have been extremely excited about because I love highlights and have a rather large collection of drugstore and high end, I just love love love them as so many other people I know do too. This particular highlight is the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in the colour Devotion which … Continue reading Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Review.


hi guys, First and foremost I'd like to say merry christmas, even though it's over, we can still spread the joy. I've been in Hertfordshire this year with Ricardo's family to celebrate and haven't had a chance to post anything for a few days. Obviously you're going to be thinking what's the exciting news, well … Continue reading I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!