Fuse 2013: Julianna Baggott Book Review

Fuse is the sequel to it's post apocalyptic predecessor where the world has been ravaged by a bio-weapon and the sole survivors are left either scarred fused with animals or objects or dead, or kept perfectly safe in the tyranny dictatorship that is the Dome. The book continues with Patridge (a pure) and Pressia (a … Continue reading Fuse 2013: Julianna Baggott Book Review

In The Tall Grass: 2019 Film Review

*spoiler alert* In the Tall Grass is the 2019 Netflix Original adaptation of 2012 book by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill, where in this adaptation, a large field of grass is able to adapt and manipulate time and space to cause chaos and destruction to anybody who is lured into it. Cal (Avery … Continue reading In The Tall Grass: 2019 Film Review

Pure 2012: Julianna Baggott Book Review

Pure is a dystopian horror trilogy where a purposeful tragic event leaves the entire world destitute apart from one small area of the globe where everybody was either murdered, heavily scarred or fused with anything near when cowering for their lives. The only survivors were those who set off the initial chain of events and … Continue reading Pure 2012: Julianna Baggott Book Review

Pet Sematary 2019: Film Review

I have a weird enjoyment with when I've read a book or watched a film that I've found fits my aesthetic; I'll have a little google of the writers/directors just to make sure that they're all round as wholesome as their writing and more times than not it's the case. My twitter feed is filled … Continue reading Pet Sematary 2019: Film Review

The Predator 2018: Film Review

The Predator is the 2018 instalment into the fourth Predator Film. The film starts with Mckenna, your typical smart-talking fearless leader being transported to an apparent prison/mental hospital in a bus with several other ex-army members who are also going to be evaluated. Quickly the scene develops into banter and character development within and is … Continue reading The Predator 2018: Film Review