Preparing for life with Two under Two.

I've heard so many different times and even said myself a number of those times. 'two under two, I couldn't do that' when someone mentions the age of their babies. I have always looked at them kind of mums with a real respect, two under two is a challenge and I know that before my … Continue reading Preparing for life with Two under Two.


Teething with a Vengeance.

You know those times when you wait and hope for something to happen so much and when it does it's nothing like you expected and you almost scald your past self. Well that's the predicament that I'm in right now.  When Leo was maybe 4 or 5 months we had the hint of one tooth … Continue reading Teething with a Vengeance.


Good evening guys, so if you follow my blog then you'd realise that I've been extremely enjoying making youtube videos and I think that I'm getting the hang of them. Today is a completely premeditated video in which I have collected products that I've used up for months and months and months and reviewed them. … Continue reading EMPTIES | PRODUCTS I’VE USED UP #1 (YOUTUBE VIDEO)

White Noise? Leo’s sleeping pattern.

I've made no secret of the fact that Leo finds it impossible to sleep on his own and for the last month-ish has had to sleep with me in my bed. I know that it is frowned upon to co-sleep but I have actually found it extremely useful, obviously being extremely careful aka. not sleeping … Continue reading White Noise? Leo’s sleeping pattern.