Papillon 2018: Film Review

Papillon is the 2018 film remake of a 1973 film, starring Dustin Hoffman and Steve Mcqueen, which is based off of the partially true memoirs of a french petty criminal Henri Cherriere who in 1931, was framed for the murder of a pimp and sent to spent the next part of his life confined to … Continue reading Papillon 2018: Film Review

Pure 2012: Julianna Baggott Book Review

Pure is a dystopian horror trilogy where a purposeful tragic event leaves the entire world destitute apart from one small area of the globe where everybody was either murdered, heavily scarred or fused with anything near when cowering for their lives. The only survivors were those who set off the initial chain of events and … Continue reading Pure 2012: Julianna Baggott Book Review

‘Gone’ By Michael Grant Book Review.

Hello my lovelies, I'm back finally after a month break and feeling as positive and happy about myself as ever. Ever since I started blogging over a year ago, I've always said I would only blog as a way to make myself feel happy, give myself an interest and also to relieve myself of any … Continue reading ‘Gone’ By Michael Grant Book Review.