In The Tall Grass: 2019 Film Review

*spoiler alert* In the Tall Grass is the 2019 Netflix Original adaptation of 2012 book by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill, where in this adaptation, a large field of grass is able to adapt and manipulate time and space to cause chaos and destruction to anybody who is lured into it. Cal (Avery … Continue reading In The Tall Grass: 2019 Film Review

Skin 2019: Liam Brown Book Review

Synopsis: Skin is the new age apocalypse encapsulated. Gone were the days where zombies; frothed at the mouth, space ships made you cower for your life as loved ones are obliterated or extreme weather shifts create ice-ages or scorching unlivable heats . The new killer is each other. A new virus has swept the world … Continue reading Skin 2019: Liam Brown Book Review

Alita: Battle Angel: Film Review 2019

My fiancee suggested watching Alita: Battle Angel a couple of weeks ago and after watching the trailer was convinced that it would not be up my street. The strong sci-fi lead character has become a quite trendy film topic to go for the last couple of years, which is everything that I want, but has … Continue reading Alita: Battle Angel: Film Review 2019

Pet Sematary 2019: Film Review

I have a weird enjoyment with when I've read a book or watched a film that I've found fits my aesthetic; I'll have a little google of the writers/directors just to make sure that they're all round as wholesome as their writing and more times than not it's the case. My twitter feed is filled … Continue reading Pet Sematary 2019: Film Review