Babies First: Trip to the Beach.

Hi guys, So by now you're probably really bored of my babies first series but to tell you the truth these are my favourite blogs that I have written so far. I am able to look back and see all of Leo's firsts in detail and recall the emotion that I felt at the time … Continue reading Babies First: Trip to the Beach.


A Trip to the Castle!

Although it is Valentines day today it's a day which we have decided not to celebrate, so instead we decided to go to our local castle. It's a beautiful Landmark in Norwich that I have visited since I was a young child. In fact one of my first memories was when I was in nursery … Continue reading A Trip to the Castle!

My Waterbirth Story (First Youtube Video)

Hi guys, I know that I say this a lot but I'm trying something new today. I filmed my first Youtube video detailing my birth story. When I started this blog I had no intention to make Youtube videos but I have tried writing about this and a number of other stories and it just … Continue reading My Waterbirth Story (First Youtube Video)


hi guys, First and foremost I'd like to say merry christmas, even though it's over, we can still spread the joy. I've been in Hertfordshire this year with Ricardo's family to celebrate and haven't had a chance to post anything for a few days. Obviously you're going to be thinking what's the exciting news, well … Continue reading I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!