Mummy Cuddles Cure Everything.

I'm not going to lie to you, the last couple of days have been pretty damn trying. Leo came down with the winter vomiting bug and it's the first sickness bug he's ever had apart from when he was 3/4 months old and he had Bronchitis but I can barely ever remember that. I've usually … Continue reading Mummy Cuddles Cure Everything.


My First Year Of Being A Mother.

The day that Leonardo was born was such a vivid day but feels like a lifetime. I can no longer remember the days where I'd sleep until 2pm, eat food warmer than lukewarm and being able to have a wee without having a small being sitting at me feet. Now I find myself constantly being … Continue reading My First Year Of Being A Mother.

Trips out With a Toddling Baby.

I don't think I did an actual blog post on Leo learning to walk but it's here, he's been toddling about unsteadily for the last week and genuinely is so proud of himself. I'm pretty proud of him too in all honesty. He's so happy and proud of himself and wants to walk literally everywhere … Continue reading Trips out With a Toddling Baby.

Babies first Injections.

When you have a child there are a number of first which are extremely exciting. There are also a number of firsts that really dread. Illness, swearwords and sleep interruptions all fall into that category but I think that the one that sticks in the minds of new mums minds the most is injections.  Usually … Continue reading Babies first Injections.