And Then Comes The Sleep Regression.

Up until this point I have always referred to Leo as being the challenging one and Sofia as being the Angel. Although I don’t particularly mean it in any capacity, it is quite accurate to describe them. Up until Leo was one year old and I physically couldn’t fit leo in my bed anymore as I was 6 months pregnant he would sleep with me and be on me like glue most days. Not wanting anyone else, even his Dad and winging when he couldn’t have me. Sofia on the other had has been the complete opposite, she used to sleep in her moses basket, is happy playing on her own or with her brother if I am doing something else and thankfully is still quite cuddly when she’s in the mood. It’s been so much easier getting them into a routine and the past 8 months have been rather pleasant, Being able to casually tidy up the living room at 7pm and sit down with a hot drink and biscuit to watch trashy tv. 
Or so I thought. As I previously stated I have reached month 8 of Sofia being with us and that means sleep regression. I THINK!!! I genuinely couldn’t tell you. I think I’ve actually found this last few days more stressful than any time that I’ve previously had with Leo or Sofia possibly because my body has gotten used to having 4-6 hours of broken sleep a night and it’s just been shot down completely. I’m not enjoying it at all. 
I’ve  come up with a couple of theories as to why she is sat bolt upright laughing as my sleep stridden eyes multiple times during the night and have come up with 4ish theories. One, she’s just doing it because it’s sleep regression and it’s just a thing that I’m going to have to ride out and be consistent with, two she is growing and the pain or discomfort is uncomfortable, three teeth same again ride out and make as soothing as possible and four possibly it’s her telling me that she wants to cut out her afternoon naps as she does sleep for an hour and a half most days up until around 4.30 when her bedtime is 6.30. It could possibly be her telling me she doesn’t want to sleep as much so tomorrow I am going to hope and pray that’s the case as this morning I was sat on the bedroom floor at 3am crying my eyes out because I couldn’t find my new trousers that I had just bought I was so tired. Mix that in with a cracked phone screen and poor leo having a sickness bug in which he projectile vomited on me twice today and you have concocted a pretty crappy day. 
please mummas with angry waking babies please give me some hope as to why this is happening and I will be forever indebted to you. 
speak soon, 
Hannah x

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