Why Your Opinion Is None Of My Business.

I’ve had a bit of a revelation recently and it’s freed me from a lot of anxiety and stress. For some reason, I don’t know whether it is because of my age or everyone gets it but I’ve found that a lot of random people have been sticking their opinions in at random times. Now I’m not sure why old Janet on the bus thinks I’m bothered that she wouldn’t have had her children with such a close age gap or Jim outside Iceland thinks it’s appropriate to stop me, ask my children’s names then say they are going to get bullied to shit because of their ridiculous names (obviously not real names but very real experiences). These things are inappropriate at best. It’s like me telling a random person that their hairstyle is bad or that they should lose some weight. Just not my business is it. 
The one that really bothered me recently was a trip to my local park where I was watching Leo play on the equipment and as we had to catch the bus for the Doctors I tried calling him down. Him being a one year old who was having fun and enjoying himself was a bit resentful in coming down and we had enough time to have a coax to get him down for a bit instead of storming up there and retrieving him to have a screaming child for the next 15 minutes on the bus, 20 minute walk injections in sofia and back. I was literally trying to make my life easier. A woman with a similar aged child approached me and started making small talk and decides to just notify me that for a three year old leo is really delayed in his speech and development. I literally had to draw in all of my inner chakras just to stop myself from scooping leo up and walking as fast as i could away from this child. First of all Leo is ONE. One years old. not three. He’s not even particularly big for his age but he’s got a proper little boys face and a big mop of hair which has confused a few people about his age. which is fine, no problem i can just correct you but pointing out to a random person that you think that their child is delayed is not on. In no world would you do that. Imagine I was a mother of a child with a speech delay, or autism or was just a mother of a child who wasn’t ready to speak and was worrying how can that make a person feel. It didn’t bother me much for me but for the alternative and after I abruptly corrected her of his age I saw the panic reach her face for her child was the same age as leo and very obviously he had reached a lot more milestones than her own son. I’m not saying it in a braggy way, I just thought that the irony of the situation was rather funny. This woman had gone out of her way to make a rude comment but I held my breathe like the grown woman that I am and left the park. 
It really made me think that the people who are out their making these comments before they are thinking and not thinking about the consequences have no idea of the situations surrounding anything and even if somebody has an opinion then it’s not going to matter too much for you. it’d be so much easier if everybody was nice and considerate but obviously that is never ever going to happen.
speak soon,
Hannah x

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