New House, New Mindset.

The last couple of months I have been completely MIA. I seem to say this pretty much every couple of months and always come out with the same reason every single time ‘if i’m not feeling it, i won’t blog.’ Ultimately I’m not bothered as to whether people read although it is a nice feeling having people telling me they enjoy my content or seeing people from tens of countries reading my blog or making friends with beautiful creative people but at the end of the day I love sitting down, having an idea in my head of what I want to do and what I want to create and seeing it materialise. There is literally nothing better, it makes myself as a person feel so proud of myself and feel like I am being able to be creative. This isn’t actually the reason as to why I’ve disappeared, we have finally moved house. I have been saying we are looking to move house for over a year and ultimately I should have blogged about it because I’ve been chatting with people about moving house for ages but it was so overwhelming having to move house, change all my post, unpack and have everything running smoothly with a 20 month old and a 3 month old. 
It is now coming up close to a month that we have been at our new cute little house and to tell you the truth, I just feel relieved. No longer do I have to make 3 trips down the communal stairs to get the pram and the kids out of the house, no more mould in the walls, no more Rico having to catch 2 buses over 2 hours to get to work every day. I’d feel like I was failing Leo so frequently because we didn’t have a garden and for the majority of the day he would spend inside, it would make him angry, leo angry and pretty much every one else. Rico now bikes 30 minutes to work and we are working on his license to start driving and my favourite thing out of everything is once the kids are asleep I can walk down the stairs, close the baby gate and have me time. When both of the kids are just in the next room in a flat you just don’t have the same feeling of everything ending. The evening beginning and time where you don’t have to concentrate on yourself. My mental health has improved phenomenally and I Just feel so happy and healthy and can start working on my next goals. My next goal is to lose a bit of weight. Now I am able to get out without really having to plan it the night before I hope to lose some weight and will be documenting it over the next 6 weeks so subscribe to my mailing list for updates.
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Speak soon,
Hannah x



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