Training For A Toddler Bed.

It feels so, so weird even saying that my tiny little baby is big enough now for a toddler bed. I just want to keep him in baby grows and having cuddles whilst watching paw patrol in the mornings forever but although it’s completely possible I’d be the worlds meanest person and I’m not sure how long Leo would like me for. If I think back to 4 months ago when I was still co-sleeping and unable to even put leo down in his own bed without him waking up to him having his own bed in his own room I cannot believe it how much he has grown up. He now carts himself off to bed every single night at 7pm and jumps on the box next to his bed to try and climb into his cot and go to bed. A couple of weeks ago we were watching the Peter Rabbit movie together and I could see Leo rubbing his eyes so I told him that he could go to bed after the movie finished. I have never seen a child give such a sassy look as he shook his head got down from the sofa and ran to his bedroom. After being a kid who hated sleeping so much, he sure does now hate to sleep.
If you don’t believe how stressful Leo’s sleeping has been then please read some of my other posts I wrote during that time.
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If you have taken your time out to give them a quick look through then you’d understand my struggles and if you have a stubborn toddler then you’re more than likely to understand my struggle even better.
How well did your little ones sleep?
Speak soon, 
Hannah x

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