Self Care With Two Under Two.

Having two Under two is a pretty time consuming and all round stressful jobs. Sometimes I get to the end of the day and feel like I am never going to be able to look at another human being again without biting their head off, which is why looking after yourself is so important. For the first 6 months of Leo’s life, I found it pretty much impossible to do anything other than look after him and my own well being took a backseat which is probably the reason my recovery took until I was having my second baby and I actively decided to make a change in my day to day routine I found that after making minute changes in my day my mood, energy levels and all round happiness and well being increased dramatically and it was all an accident. These are my personal ways of promoting self care in my day to day life.
Eating Well.
Ever since I have improved what I am eating and have cut out the junk food I have found that I feel so much more full of energy and feel happier and healthier. Not only do the fresh ingrediants make me feel full of energy but the actual procedure of cooking instead of chucking something in the oven I find really therapeutic and completely satisfying (might be personal preference because I know some people who hate cooking almost as much as I hate ironing). Currently I am eating 10+ of my 5 a day and cutting out on snacking in general with calorie counting apps is making me feel super full of energy and happy.
Finding things to look forward to.
Contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to look forward to your child going to bed. You can enjoy spending time with your children and love them to your souls but you can thoroughly enjoy it the second that you give them a big old kiss on the forehead and turn the light off. Planning activities, trips and things to work towards whether it’s a trip to the park or a fortnights holiday having things to look forward to always makes you feel happy and your general outlook on life positive.
Taking time out for yourself.
Before I had a routine Leo was going to bed at 11pm and waking up at 8am every day which was the most stressful thing that could have happened. I would be with him from the moment that he woke up to the moment that he went to bed and even took his naps either laying on me or on the sofa next to me. Now that he has a set bedtime at 7pm where he skips off to his room and watches paw patrol until he falls asleep my days are a lot easier. I can calm down before I go to bed and have a bit of time to leisurely do the washing up, clean up the living room and put a load of washing in before being able to go to bed whenever I want. The only downside is that he is up in the mornings between 4 and 5.30 but hey ho I have a newborn. What is sleep.
Being something other than mum.
As a mum I don’t get a lot of time to myself partly because I’m breastfeeding and need to be on tap at all times but partly because I want to be as much a part of my kids day life as I can. I think I’ve had maybe 2 nights out since my eldest was born 18 months ago and to be perfectly honest I’m completely fine with that, I love spending my time with my babies and being able to put everything I have in to watch them grow but I do need a hobby or interest that I can have when I do have free time that I can put myself and feel interested in otherwise I will go stir crazy. I know that I want to go to University when the kids are in school and I really want to get a new job when the opportunity arises for me to go back to work but until then my blog intellectually stimulates me.
Be Selfish
Sometimes there is no other option than to have a good old trip into town and buy yourself something nice and special just because you deserve it. As hard as it is to resist buying every toddly clothes in the shop a new pair of trousers or a nice palette is really all you need and to be honest does the trick. I love going down to the charity shop by our flat and getting a new 30p book every once in a while.
What are your favourite ways to look after yourself?
Speak soon,
Hannah x

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