No Makeup Makeup Look.

Long gone are the days that I get to sit down to perfectly blend my eye shadow or feather my brows. Some days I’m lucky for mascara on it’s own but I have perfected the 30 second ‘nobodies going to comment that I look ill’ look which pretty much consists of 3 products on the best of days and I have no shame in saying that the reason that I even bother putting makeup on most days is 1. so that Rico won’t leave me and 2. so that I don’t shock myself when I catch my reflection in shiny surfaces which I have genuinely previously done.
I don’t know if I should be sharing this fact actually but I keep my makeup in my kitchen so that when I’m making the kids breakfast or waiting for something to heat up then I will quickly do it. I’m not sure that it’s the most sanitary thing in the world but I have a newborn poop stain on my top right now so I cannot talk. I always use the same 3 products no matter what which are:
Benefit Brow Zings: Chocolate £27.00
The problem that I have is the fact that my face has no defining features. my eyelashes and eyebrows are both incredibly light and without assistance I look like, a potato which was hilariously confirmed on occasion by Ricardo’s sisters.The Brow Zings is the best product that I have ever used for a brow. Powders aren’t as long lasting and are more difficult to get straight cut lines and Pomades are a little bit too intense for a no makeup inspired look. I actually tried to use the ABH Dipbrow Pomade for the first time in ages and found it impossible when it used to be my go to product.
YSL False Lash Effect Mascara £25
Now as I previously stated I am a featureless potato (could be a new blog title name) and I find it so difficult to find mascaras that don’t irritate my eyes. My makeup box is stuffed full of tens of mascaras that have only been used once before being discarded because they left me feeling like my eyes are on fire and streaming down my face. The YSL mascara is the nicest natural mascara which is essential. Unless I am doing a full face of makeup which I really rarely do and if I do wear lashes, I only want a mascara that coats my lashes and makes them visibly lashes. I don’t want clumpy spider legs or anything too high maintenance so I love this formula and wand. It really is great and does the job perfectly. The only equivalent I have found of this is the entire Maybelline mascara collection which really give the YSL one a run for it’s money.
GiGi Hadid x Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner £9.95
I have actually previously written a review about a bunch of the GiGi Hadid collection that I picked up a few months ago and I believe I wasn’t over the moon about it but recently I’ve been using it every single day. I am one of those people who will rub there face like they are wearing no makeup even if i have 3 inches of makeup on caked on my face. Do I regret it after? Well obviously. We all know that pit of fears that hits your stomach when you realise you’re wearing eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara after a good old eye rub. The GiGi Hadid Eyeliner is such a light weight eyeliner but it’s really long lasting but you really cannot feel it on your face at all. I’ve had a couple of moments when I thought I wasn’t wearing eyeliner and caught my own reflection in the mirror and realised that I’m a sort.
What are your go to no makeup, makeup looks?
Speak soon, 
Hannah x

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