Introducing Baby No Two.

Hey guys,
So my original plan was to not have a break in my blogging at all. I had it all planned out and had 3 weeks of  blogs which I had written out in advance which consequently made me feel like the most put together person in existence. Unfortunately my lovely little bundle of joy didn’t have the same idea and was happy to camp in my womb for an extra 14 days until she was forced out. I’m pretty sure she just heard the midwives say c-section and decided that enough was enough as she managed to stay in until the last possible second. 


So on the 25th of March 2018 my lovely little Sofia was born after 14 days of waiting past my due date, 2 months of being on bed rest and 2 days in hospital at 7 pounds 9 ounces. The last couple of weeks have been purely running around like a headless chicken after leo with Sofia strapped to my boob but to be perfectly honest, half of the worries that I originally had about having 2 under 2 haven’t really come into question at all. Sure, I haven’t slept in months and the only way I get through the day is drinking a litre of lucozade and okay, I only get to shower at stupid o’clock in the morning when all of the kiddies are long asleep but I am really, really enjoying having both of the babies and am falling more and more in love with each of them every day. 


Leo has turned into the most grown up little boy in the world. If you have followed my blog then you would understand the struggles I have had with his sleep pretty much since he was 2 months old and had a bad case of baby bronchitis which led to a year of horrific co-sleeping and I always said I wasn’t too worried about when he was going to transition because he’d let us know. That didn’t stop me from doing pretty much every thing that I could think of to try and make it as painless as possible but in the end we just had to put him in his room and let him cry it out and a week later he was happily going to bed at lunch and night time and sometimes even trying to climb into his own cot when I told him it was time to go. 
All in all I am really, enjoying everything about having my two lovely littlies and have found myself even more full of energy. Currently as we speak child numero uno is enjoying his lunch, the second is asleep, I have a homemade soup cooking in the oven and a load of washing in the washing machine.
Speak soon,
Hannah x

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