Collection Sheer Loose Powder Review.

It is no secret that for the majority of my pregnancy I have just been craving setting powders. If you follow me on any of my social media accounts then you will be fully aware of the fact that all I have wanted is to eat Ice and coat my face in talc based products. I have just been a matte blob for the last 38 weeks but a satisfied matte blob. I’m not even joking, I’ve been through about 2 different loose and pressed powders, it’s been wonderful. One of the new powders which I have been testing over the last few weeks has been the Collection Sheer Loose powder for £2.99. I bought it on a whim when I just wanted something that I could use when and wherever I wanted and not worry about wasting so for £2.99 you can’t really complain can you. Actually I have heard really, really good things about collection before as being a great drugstore makeup brand, especially the concealer and plan to pick up a couple more bits and bobs when I can.
Now I’m not sure how many different colours there are but from what I can see on Superdrug which is where I purchased mine there only seem to be two shades in ‘Barely There’ which is the colour which I purchased and ‘Translucent‘ Which is the other colour that seemed to be online. Keeping in mind that this powder is only £2.99 there is no shock that the main ingredients when you look on the website are talc and mica which are cheap fillers people put into makeup to keep costs down as opposed to other more expensive ingredients which is completely fine. Lots of other companies use Talc and Mica to keep their costs down including, usually in face powders and eyeshadows and lots of people actually swear by it. I have a blog coming out in a couple of weeks to do with how to use talc based translucent powders and the real use of them so when that it out I will link it here if you are interested. If you wish to read up on this and I haven’t posted yet then you can subscribe to my emailing list and will receive an email as soon as it drops.
In this case as soon as you touch this powder you can tell that the quantity of talc is super high from just the texture. A powder without talc will usually feel soft, sometimes almost like a liquid and the more finely milled that it is the more refreshing it will feel on your face. When you are dealing with talc you can always tell as if you rub it between your fingers it will bulk up together and stick together. In regards to powders, especially the collection powder you need such a light hand, the talc makes it quite dense and it does stick to your face which is the reason which people get flashback because their translucent setting powders have talc in and stick to the face in patches. I actually quite like this one and find it really full coverage but you have to be super careful.
There are a couple of different ways in which you can utilise this powder. Firstly use a light hand, a brush is always good when it comes to more full coverage dense products as sponges and beauty blenders (especially the one provided) retain more product for the face and it is easier to wipe off excess product with a brush. I would avoid places on your face where you go for a brightening look. I am a James Charles, Pale ass human so the colour under my eyes does nothing to me but I wouldn’t recommend to use this powder under the eyes even if it suits the colour that you are going for especially if you are trying to set a concealer. Usually concealers are more oily than foundation and there is a 100% chance this powder will cling to your under eyes. My suggestion is to use this powder all over the face apart from more oily spots and under the eyes and substitute the rest for a translucent setting powder or banana powder to your preference.
If you would like to read more powder reviews then let me know.
Speak soon,
Hannah x

3 thoughts on “Collection Sheer Loose Powder Review.

  1. I’ve been using this powder recently too and I love it over my makeup Revolution banana powder – great review btw x


  2. That’s so randomly specific about pregnancy induced ice eating and face powdering! 😆
    The Collection Sheer Loose Powder sounds great and a bargain too! I’ve also been hearing good things about the Maybelline Fit me Loose Powder – do you have that on your radar?


  3. The only setting powder I have ever used so far is from Shop Miss A her AOA setting powder in translucent. I got it for only a $1.00 and I love the way it works. It sets my makeup so nicely and gives a nice coverage under my eyes at least I think it does. I didn’t know that a women could have a craving for setting powders when pregnant LOL!! Excellent Post!!


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