Why I Regret Not Sleep Training Earlier.

To be honest, the fact that I’m going to have a new baby has only hit me for the last couple of days. Otherwise I’ve either put it off slightly or just haven’t had time to think about it on the levels that I did when I was moping around my mums house on maternity at 33 weeks thinking that my life was so stressful (oh the naivety). Now two days over my due date I am currently writing this wondering every couple of seconds whether this is just a back ache or whether I’m in labour, whether I’m going to have to go for a sweep which I really don’t want to do because I won’t have reached that shamelessness that hits you in labour to let people put their hands in your foo foo and whether I have got every single thing that Leo is going to need for his first sleep over at his nanny and granddads house. 
The last two months have frantically been sleep training leo and getting him into a nice routine in which we will (fingers crossed) be able to slot the new baby into without too much hassle. If you could see where he was even 8 weeks ago you wouldn’t recognise the household that we live in, it’s crazy. Leo has gone from having erratic 11pm bedtimes in which he wouldn’t sleep in his cot or without me to 7pm bedtimes in his own cot in his bed and sleeping through the night apart from the 2 or 3 times he just needs to be yanked to the bottom of the cot by his ankles because he crawls like a worm to the top of it and bangs his head until he wakes up. He is so good with routine which is half of the problem. One of two nights out of sync and it’s weeks going back to the point where we’re comfortable which is why it’s been so difficult up until this point, especially with Rico’s work schedule. 
I always let him get away with having late bedtimes previously because Rico gets home between 7 and 9pm and as soon as Rico gets home then Leo is in full excited to see daddy and play mood which means that it’s another hour-hour and a half until he gets tired again. I always felt so so bad that I was restricting Rico and Leo’s time together but at the end of the day self care is so important. With Leo now going to sleep at 7pm that gives me a couple of hours before I go to sleep to write blog posts, have a shower, do the tidying that I could only do otherwise with a toddler pulling all of the things that I’ve put away and just relax before I go to sleep. My own mental health has improved phenomenally and I feel in control and positive on a pretty much daily basis. I have also found that I find it so much easier to keep the house tidy and make sure that everyones fed and clean when I have set tasks and times to do things (top procrastinator here). If you want for me to write a blog post on our routine that we have picked up then let me know?
I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different blog post,
Speak soon,
Hannah x

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