My Hospital Bag: The Second Time Around.

Usually you would find that when somebody has there first baby they are super prepared for weeks and take hundreds of unessential items which they’ve been told by various family members, magazines and blogs online that they need but never even end up getting out of their suitcases. Unfortunately I am not one of those prepared people and in the end only packed my bags when I was an hour away from going to the hospital through my contractions. I think that I chucked in nappies, wipes, baby clothes a spare t-shirt, maternity pads and that was about it. Oh how I regret it. I spent the majority of the time that I was in hospital wearing dungarees and you can even see me in the first photos with Leo rocking my fave signature denim.

Thankfully I have learned from my mistakes and will never take for advantage the joy and opportunity of being able to plan what you are going to take in advance and have packed my maternity bag two weeks in advance. I also don’t have to go through the trouble of all of the unessential items as I basically just packed what I wished that I had with me in hospital the first time around haha.

Maternity Pads.

I have just shoved as many of the biggest, comfiest looking maternity pads that I could. Last time I believe that I only took one packet and ended up running out and having to ask the midwife for one every couple of hours which was really what I did not want to do.

Breast Pads

Jesus Christ I regret not only not bringing these to the hospital but immediately after. I don’t even think that I knew what they were and ended up a soppy, stingy mess. I’m going to smell like sour milk for the next however long I breast feed for so I might aswell make it comfortable.

New PJS, socks and pants.

The new part is not essential but honestly there is nothing more refreshing and comfy than brand new pjs, especially in such an unfamiliar place as the hospital. A couple of weeks ago I had a vomiting but for an entire week straight and thought that it was a sign that Sofia was making an early arrival but in the end I’d probably just eaten something, but my mum went out and bought brand new essentials. We all had a laugh because the only dark, comfy pjs that Primark had at that current moment was ones with the slogan of ‘Stay At Home’ plastered all over the front which hopefully will deffo not be the case.

Baby clothes in a variety of sizes

There is no way of knowing excactly how big your baby will be and even less of a way of knowing what size clothes they will fit into so the more sizes that you can cram into your bag the better. We all thought Leo was going to be tiny as I wasn’t that big at the end of my pregnancy but in the end he weighed 7pounds11 and I’m pretty sure your second is supposed to be bigger. I’m not going to put any money on that fact as this child has been the most awkward child alive and will do whatever the hell she pleases. At least even though my children will look identical to their daddy we will have something in common.

Leo’s First Hat

Even though Leo had a big ass head from birth I’m hoping that his will fit the new baby as how cute would that be. Leo looks identical to every single person on Rico’s side of the family so I’m expecting Sofia to be exactly the same so it’ll be even cuter if they’re wearing the same things.

Hundreds of Nappies, Wipes and Nappy Sacks.

Pretty self explanitary. Next.


With Leo I sure as hell didn’t poop out the sproglet without my eyebrows done and I can assure you that I sure as hell will not be doing the same next time. Actually here’s a funny story, when I gave birth to leo, I lost at least a litre and a half of blood but they didn’t realise until a lot later so the midwives took me to the showers and pretty much as soon as I stood up in there I fainted. Bless her heart, there was no way in which the tiny little midwife behind me was going to catch my 5ft 7 self so she pushed me against the wall, next thing I knew I was laying on the ground surrounded by half a dozen doctors and nurses and a smear running all the way down the wall of the tiles from where my eyebrow had wiped off when I fell.

That’s all that I can think of for now but will add to the bag as little bits and bobs pop into my head. If you have any suggestions then let me know.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


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