Makeup With A Toddler. An Insight.

Hello Guys,
Anybody who has kids knows that the easiest of tasks becomes close to impossible. The ‘I’m just going to nip down the shop’ period of your life is over and taken over with frantically throwing spare trousers into bags and crawling under tables for lonely solitary shoes. Nothing is just ‘easy’ and everything needs at least 10 mins of planning beforehand and 20 minutes minimum to do anything at all.
It makes the tasks that you actually enjoy doing take 10x longer to the point that they sometimes become completely. I know I used to love being able to sit down and decide which setting powder was going to grace my face. On a day to day basis now it’s just two lines for eyebrows, 2 lines for eyeliner and a couple of swift jabs at my eyeballs for mascara. There is no finesse or luxury unless I want there to be and I have developed a couple of ways that when I want to and when I still have the time I can blend for the gods.
The main and most obvious way that I still get to do my makeup is nap times. I will never ever take nap times for advantage, it is a blessing for everybody involved and I am so nervous for when the new baby arrives that they will never nap at the same time and I will spend my entire life hoping for 5 minutes quiet (I am writing this at the start of march so if she is already here then you will probably get an update within a couple of days haha). Most days I use nap times to watch the tv shows that are too explicit for my little petals delicate ears, eat lunch and hang washing up. On the rare occasion that I can do my makeup. Boy am I boujee, I end up feeling like a queen and the rest of my day is always so productive.
The next way that I have managed to take my time doing my makeup is letting Leo be involved. I remove all of my most delicate and broken pieces and plonk a couple of clean brushes down in front of him and he loves it. He knows that the smaller brushes are for your eyes and the larger ones are for the face and is constantly dipping his brush into closed palettes and trying to swirl it on various parts of my face. It’s so adorable, today i helped him dip his finger in one of my blush palettes and rub it on my face, I did end up looking like I was wearing camo on the sun but it’s so heartwarming that he’s such a mama’s boy that he just wants to copy me. We both sit on the floor (me cross legged and Leo doing his adorable little squat) and chat and laugh and play together and can really really make it into a lovely experience for everyone involved. If his daddy wouldn’t disapprove then I’d probably buy him his own fake makeup but I’m just going to wait until his little sister is older then Leo can ‘accidentally’ claim it as his own.
I’d say that when you become a parent then your eyeliner is never going to be as ‘on fleek’ and unless you’re the most amazing person in the world then fake eyelashes will become your worst enemy but sometimes getting yourself all dolled up so that you can have a baby vomit over your shoulder or your arm half way down a toilet is just what you need to keep your sanity. I find that when I take my time to have a shower, do my hair and makeup then for the entire day I feel happy, rejuvinated and positive. It’s so easy to forget how important self care is but at the end of the day if you are not your best self then there is no way in hell that your child can be.
I hope you have enjoyed this little post and I’ll speak soon,
Hannah x

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