Seventeen Stay Time Concealer Review For Sensitive Eyes.

Hello my sweet Angels, 
I am bringing you a review of one of my favourite type of products today. I love testing concealers almost as much as setting powders (but we’re not even going to go into my current obsession with setting powder, pregnancy does weird things to people). This particular concealer is a very affordable drugstore at only £4.49 which is pretty much the same price as the collection concealer (£4.19) which was raved about for ages for being so affordable. It is the Seventeen Stay Time concealer in extra fair. Now I was super confused by what this was actually called and had to end up googling it as the packaging is pretty confusing and the name of it is muddled up with the tag line. 
I have been testing the Stay Time concealer for at least a month and really wanted to let you guys know what I thought ASAP as I am in love with this concealer for a number of reasons, the first being the shade. Now on thing that I can say is that when I looked up this product there only seemed to be three different shades ranging from Extra Fair, Fair and Medium which is a peculiar number of shades even for a drugstore concealer. I’m not sure who they really cater for and have a feeling that there is nothing for anybody with a deeper complexion.
Putting that to one side, the colour that I use (extra fair) is incredible, anybody who knows me knows that I am a yellow toned ghost and find it extremely difficult to find concealers, powders and foundations which aren’t far too dark, give the brightening under eye effect or have stupid undertones which are just repulsive on my skin tone. This particular shade is a real contender for my all time favourite colour match, I cannot stress how wonderful it is on my face as usually whenever I want to wear under eye concealer I have to go with one which identical to my skin colour (usually the lightest shade) and brighten with white powders which is frustrating and often looks cakey, especially when I like to go for a no makeup makeup look most of the time. 
The formula is light/medium although I do believe that the packaging says ‘Full Cover Flawless Finish’ which would lead to the impression that it’s branded as a full coverage concealer. This is definitely not the case and the formula itself is lightweight and light coverage. It’s also rather oily and creases easily so you do need to set it down with a powder. I like to use the seventeen powder from the contour duo which is just as lightweight and finely milled and ofter I’ll wear this concealer without any kind of foundation or other makeup than eyeliner, mascara and filling my eyebrows in. It just gives a nice your skin but better look. 
In regards to having sensitive skin, this concealer is pretty nice. I find that if I put anything near my eyes which doesn’t agree with them I get horrendous panda eyes within makeup (eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, primers, concealers) which means that I have to test a lot of products and have had to sacrifice some absolute gems because the formula doesn’t agree with me but this formula works well with my eyes which is impressive; one for the price and secondly because it’s so oily. 
Have you found any nice light drugstore formulas?
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Speak soon,
Hannah x



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