Realisations That I Have Made Since Becoming A Parent.

It’s so easy to judge somebody about their parenting and there are a bunch of misconceptions that I will be the first to admit I had before becoming a mum. I had so many expectations and ideas about how I was going to raise Leo. I was going to make all of his food. He wasn’t going to eat junk food. I was going to get him into a sleeping pattern pretty much as soon as he was born and the list went on and on and on. In the first few months I was so disappointed with my parenting style and how I ended up which put me into quite a bad place for quite a long time. Thankfully I have made a bunch of realisations about parenting which have made me feel so much more content and enlightened about everything and I wish that I’d known all of these things from the get go.
-Routine does not mean every single night. If you get one or two or even three nights broken it is not a failure.
-It is completely okay to vacuum food off of your child’s high chair after a meal if you happen to be hoovering and there is a stray quaver on it.
-If somebody offers you food then you take that. Even if it’s a cup of tea or a sandwich, especially if they are washing up. It is the most magical feeling to not have to provide for yourself for 2 seconds and you feel like you’re 8 years old all over again.
-It’s okay the fact that you will never ever see the bottom of your washing basket. There will be one or two old T-shirts which have never had a chance to be washed because it’s constantly being topped up. 
-Babies don’t know what Geordie Shore is. Don’t feel bad, they will not understand and sometimes at 3am with a screaming baby paw patrol is the last thing that you can stand.
-McDonalds will not kill your child in moderation. As long as you’re not blending it up from day one then it’s fine to chuck a happy meal in front of your sproglet. 
-Every single person on Instagram’s life is just as stressful as yours and whenever you see a photo of their beautiful house know that they’ve just kicked all of the shit that was on the floor behind them.
-If you are too tired to move for two days then do not get out of your pyjamas and enjoy the film and duvet days. 
-It is not the end of the world if your hands child ends up down the toilet.
Let me know your parenting realisations.
Speak soon,
Hannah x



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