My Favourite Eyeshadow Formulas.

Hey My lovely humanoids,
Bet you didn’t think that you’d see me so soon. I’ve wanted to do this blog post pretty much since I started my blog but pretty much just never got round to it; so whilst I sit here with the baby napping, snow coming down like nobodies business and last nights Dominoes I realised that I’m actually going to finally do this. I’m finally going to write about my favourite eyeshadow formulas. This isn’t going to be a blog post about my favourite palettes as some of them I very rarely even use to be honest but blend ability, pigmentation and payoff. 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Shades
Okay, so I have spoken about my love for the modern renaissance so, so much and it has literally gotten to the point where my version is just a cardboardy, limp mess. I’ve even managed to hit pan on two of the shades and completely eradicate the entirety of tempura which is my OG lid shade. It’s actually wonderful. The mattes are all so pigmented and if you compare the MR to the Violet Voss Holy Grail (which has a stiffer formula) the difference in colour payoff is insane. The only thing I don’t really like is the shimmer shades which don’t really do much for me and I actually tend to steer away from as although they are pigmented in swatches and if you pack them onto the lid, I just don’t find that they last as long as others.
Too Faced Matte Shades
Too Faced is a brand which confuses me massively. None of their palettes inspire me in the slightest and their palettes all look similar yet bland. I caved about a year ago and bought the sweet peach palette when it was rereleased and barely touched it for ages until I had run through my tempura on the Modern Reneissance. I tried a couple of Urban Decay shades as my go to lid and transition shades but found that they were just too hard to get the base that I needed for a nice look. The sweet peach Palette is a really nice add on palette to add a bit of (warm toned) depth to an eye look but I don’t think I’ve ever soley been able to make an eye look using it. 
Nyx Single Shadow Shimmer Shades
These are one of my favourite formulas and a dupe for the ever so pricey Urban Decay single Shimmer shades. Although you cannot depot them they still have gorgeous packaging which is pretty forgiving and a huge variety of different colours and shades. I went through a phase last year where I really loved the unpottable singles from different brands and used to stack them in rows and rows of ice cube trays in my dressing table. I spent stupid amounts on Urban Decay single shadows which I regret but I still love the Nyx ones so much as they are so portable. 
Violet Voss Shimmer Shades
I am more than aware that I dogged the holy grail palette earlier in the blog but I actually love the shimmers, especially in the holy grail. I haven’t tried any of the other palettes and that’s purely because we don’t have violet voss stands in the UK and I haven’t bought any more because the colours are all pretty similar and I don’t want 3 new beautiful shadows for an extra £40. 
What are your favourite formulas?
speak soon,
Hannah x

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