Snow Days Are The Best Days.

Hi Guys, 

I’m pretty sure that I’m not on my own when I say that the last few days have consisted of getting super excited whenever it has snowed and then consequently disappointed whenever I realise that the snow hasn’t set and if it has then it’s a sludgy mess. Thankfully this morning was definitely not a disappointing day as when I opened the curtains there was at least 2 and a half inches which had settled. Anybody who knows me knows that I literally adore snow days, I just become the worlds biggest child especially since having Leo. I think that Rico’s so used to it now he didn’t even put up his usual protest when I opened the curtains which i usually have to do 10 minutes before he has to get up for work as the sunlight irritates him into action. Usually I get some sort of slightly offensive yet lack of meaning comment but today he didn’t even protest by putting his head under the duvet. Leo is similar to his father in the respect that he can wake up with a face like a slapped arse, especially this morning. He seemed 100x more interested on his cereal of the day and paw patrol, I was literally prancing in front of the window like a loon before he realised. The only time he seemed interested in the snow was when some of the children in the flats below went out to play. 

Thankfully Rico had today off too, he works pretty much in the middle of nowhere and with him having to take two different bus lines that were cancelled for the day I can’t imagine his trip to work would have been too productive. 

I also had a midwife appointment booked but pretty much 5 steps from the front of our flats confirmed that buggies and deep snow do not go too well together, so I had to cancel and have a telephone consultation. I was kinda excited about hearing Sophia’s heartbeat but I’ve only got 2 weeks (exactly) until my due date and we’re pretty sure she’s going to be early (she’s been so awkward so far I can pretty much confirm she will definitely not be early but one can always hope).


It was also nice because it gave me one more excuse for Leo to wear his christmas jumper before giving it away as it 100% not fit next year.

Instead of doing whatever we were going to do we ended up spending most of the day curled up on the sofa watching episodes of Gold Rush, which is actually incredibly addictive, and watching all of the kiddies from out flats playing in the communal gardens. I really wanted to let Leo go outside but he doesn’t have any Wellies and I had actually planned to go into town today to pick him up some hopefully paw patrol ones so he couldn’t do that as we were so snowed in nonetheless the garden looks so magical and picturesque for the duration of the day that I planned to take some cute artsy photos until two men decided that they were going to erect(mind the pun) a giant penis and balls snowman which (impressively) spanned at least 3 feet tall with matching stick pubes. You can never say that men aren’t consistently infantile can you so you can just have this wonderful photo of their masterpiece instead.

All in all we had such a lovely, lovely day and it was nice having a midweek day off with Rico who works monday to friday at least 10 hours a day and only gets to see Leo for half an hour in the mornings on week days as he gets home after he goes to bed. 

What did you all do on your snow days?

Speak soon, 

Hannah x


7 thoughts on “Snow Days Are The Best Days.

  1. Cannot believe how much snow the UK has seen over the past few days. I love seeing the kids out playing in it & building snowmen. Glad you had fun.

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