Makeup That I’m Definitely Going To Repurchase.

Hello guys,
So I’m not the biggest makeup repurchaser in the world, in fact I usually actively dislike it as whenever I do I feel like I could be missing out on something much bigger and better. I know, but this year I’ve decided to cut back on my spendings on makeup with the new addition to our little family and one of the ways in which I am going to do that is to only buy a new product when an old one runs out. If I love the product then I’ll repurchase it and if not then I’ll experiment with something else. It’ll motivate me to go through all of those shabby products which really have not done much for me and to keep my go to’s and fave to create the ultimate makeup collection. Smart right. I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 products that I will definitely repurchase when I run out of them.
Nyx Highlight and Contour Palette £18
As a proud pale girl, I don’t tend to bronze much really at all but I do love,love, love an ashy contour. I think if a company came out with a literal grey contour I’d prob be all over it like nobodies business. I bought the Nyx Highlight and Contour palette when ABH really blew the trend up with their cream and powder palettes a few years ago but unfortunately they did not stock in the UK at all so instead I purchased the Nyx version for £18 and boy was it a purchase. Firstly I’d like to say that the reason why I love this palette so much is the fact that Nyx actually sell single refills so instead of having to buy the entire palette for £18 you can buy just one or two shades of your choice for a fraction of the price at £3.50 each which is such a steal. I only really use three shades on this palette, being the ashy brown 3rd on the bottom row and the two highlight palettes, the second and third. All of the other contour shades are far too warm for me and the highlight is extremely chunky and weird but I don’t even need to buy them ever again. In actual fact the highlighter shattered a while ago and I plan to refill with the contour shade I use very, very soon. If you think about it buying a single contour shade on its own usually retails for £7 at least so being able to buy it for a fraction of the price is wonderful.
Mac Studio Finish Concealer £16
The next product which I am going to rebuy is one of the biggest musts. It’s the Mac Studio Finish Concealer. I have genuinely never ever experienced such a full coverage concealer in my life and as a mum this is a massive, massive must in day to day life. Whenever I put it on, I just feel transformed from cutie, to full coverage queen and as you can see with mine I have taken a massive, massive dent out of it. For £16 you could say this is a kinda small pot of concealer but I’ve used it most days for the last year so I’d say it’s worth the buckzzzz.
ABH Modern Renaissance Palette £43
I know what you’re thinking, White girl alert but the modern renaissance palette is the most stunning, phenomenal palette I have ever, ever owned. I can’t even explain how much love I have for mine and it’s the palette which I own which has received the most compliments whenever I’ve worn it. I’m not overly keen on the shimmer shades which I think is controversial as I’ve seen a lot of people raving over them but whatever I do I just cannot get the product to remain as beautiful as it is when it’s first applied but I have plenty of other beautiful champagne shimmers in other palettes. It’s the beautiful oranges and Pinks which really float my boat and if anything ever happened to my version genuine tears would fall out of my eyes.
E.L.F. High Definition Powder Sheer £7.50
If any of you follow my personal twitter or even my blogging one then one of the things you would have realised is that my biggest pregnancy craving is setting my face with powder (I know that sounds the weirdest thing ever but I genuinely cannot think of anything other, I’ve even ended up watching youtube videos on reviews of powders). I have quite an impressive selection of Translucent setting powders and the E.L.F. one is my all time favourite. It’s milled so so finely, it feels incredible on the face and there is 0 flashback which is a great feature as there are plenty of other drugstore setting powders with horrendous flashback *cough* Nyx *cough*. When they launched in Superdrug in the UK I was so pleased as I had previously bought all of my E.L.F. products from america with the hefty shipping price so it’s a win, win.
Mary-Lou Manizer £16
The Mary-Lou Manizer is another common favourite amongst the beauty community and there’s a reason for that isn’t there. It is one of the most beautiful, Natural, champagne highlights in the entire world. I don’t know how they did it. There’s no glitter or wham with it just a stunning glow from within. I rarely do a full face nowadays unless I’m going out somewhere special so the brighter punchier highlights don’t really work for me as much but the I usually wear the Lou-manizer without even foundation. I usually do my eyebrows, Eyeliner and mascara and a tiny bit of highlight on an average day and it doesn’t cling or look fake. 10/10 recommend.
What are your definite repurchases?
Speak soon,
Hannah x

One thought on “Makeup That I’m Definitely Going To Repurchase.

  1. I have that NYX highlight and contour palette – it’s such a great idea that the individual pans are refillable!
    You know a product is good if you’re going to repurchase, especially given how many new products gets launched and “distract” us from our true loves. 😉
    I’d definitely repurchase MAC Mineralize Skin Finish, Illamasqua Naked Rose blush (like I’d ever finish that whole pan!), and NYX blush in Taupe (it’s a great contour shade).


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