Top Tips for Blogging With a Baby.

Hello lovelies,

Finding the time to do anything when you’re a parent is possibly the most stressful thing you can do but when you have children the realisation that you need to make time for yourself for your own sanity and the wellbeing of everybody hits you like a bus.

No matter how little time it is or how irregularly you need to have time for yourself and having hobbies and projects are so essential. I’ve always loved having something to strive towards to keep me motivated and whenever I have had nothing on the books I find that I’m less motivated in everything else that I do. That’s why blogging has always been so important to me. Here are a few tips that I’ve found have helped me stay consistent in my writing.

Make a Schedule

This is the most important tip that I have learned to stay consistent. I upload content every other day at 9.30am and that’s what I’ve found works best for me. On the day I’m not uploading, I’ll usually write for an hour or so when Leo is napping, then create the visuals when he is playing later on in the day then I’ll put it all together and schedule it for the next day and have a day off. If I have a bit of spare time then I might line up two or three posts at once and have a week off.

Don’t always rely on Technology 

This is a new thing that I’ve started doing. I keep an empty notebook around the place and when I have an idea I just grab it off of whatever side it’s laying on and write it down. Sometimes I also write my posts by hand and then copy them much later when leo is drawing with his crayola. He loves scribbling away and loves it even more when he thinks that he’s doing something the same as mummy and it’s so much easier than trying to open my laptop all of the time, especially with a one year old who loves pressing the buttons.

Break if it’s not fun

I have found a number of the time in the last year that I didn’t find blogging fun anymore and it was really getting me down and I gave myself a week or two off. I could continue to write when I wasn’t feeling it but my content was suffering and I just had no motivation. Having that break just gave me the time to realise that writing was what I loved and to have a change of scenery. I’ve said from day one that writing is something that I love to do and the reason to do it is to make me happy and when that changes then I’ll stop.

Join social media to speak to other parent bloggers

Now, interacting with other beauty and parenting bloggers is something which I really didn’t do for a long time and something which I didn’t think would be very useful for me when in reality it’s a wonderful wonderful thing for me as a parent and as a blogger. I have the access to a great network now and there are so many people who are in the same place with great advice. And everybody is so so friendly. The main social medias that I have signed up for are bloglovin’ which is great at pinpointing specific genres of bloggers, twitter which if you use the hashtag bbloggers you can find other bloggers and pr opportunities at the click of a button and facebook which is really very good for advice. There are nationwide and local groups for different bloggers but everyone is always so friendly.

Speak soon,




4 thoughts on “Top Tips for Blogging With a Baby.

  1. Love this post 🙂 I have a 6 month old and it’s a nightmare fitting in blogging amongst all the other chores during the day – thank god for nap time! Totally agree with the taking advantage of social media, the blogging community on twitter is amazing.

    Jessica ♡

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