Top Three Palettes to Bring Any Eye Looks Together.

So, Everybody is always going on about the perfect palette. With beautiful pops of colours, base shades, transitions and shimmers. You hear it all of the time but sometimes you just don’t have that option and need something to pull it all together. Especially if you are using singles or smaller palettes, that’s why it’s always a good idea to have a few shadows especially for if you find the perfect colours without the option of pulling it all into a look then you’ll have a palette on the side to pull it all together. I’ve compiled my top three palettes which have saved my life.
Urban Decay Ultimate Basics £39.99 
This is one of the more pricey palettes but I’ve found that it’s also the most common Urban Decay palette to be on sale. I bought it originally for around £25 and seen it several times in store discounted. It’s always a good idea to go in to the store with Urban Decay because they usually have all of their discounted products at the end of the stall.
I was originally going to pick up one of the smaller Urban Decay Basics Palettes but I fell in love with the warm and cool tones that vary and Urban decay shades are of great quality. Another thing that I love about this palette is that every shade apart from one is a matte shade and the only shimmer only has a tiny, tiny amount of shimmer in it so it’s great for base shades and crease colours for all of you matte lovers.

urban decay ultimate basics.jpg

Morphe 35K £23 
This palette isn’t really for the transitions or base shades but it is perfect for deepening eye looks and just give giving it that extra wham. The majority of the shades are compiled of tones of brown from warm to cool to suit any eye look. It also has a couple of gorgeous champagne shimmer shades for cut creases and brow bones. This is a great palette to use coinciding with single shadows. 
I have never ever understood why morphe get so much hate for their affiliate codes or their packaging because I love everything about their brand maybe with exception to the liquid lipsticks. Their brushes are my go tos and all of their formula for mattes and shimmers is one of my favourite. I haven’t tried anything since they’ve rebranded but I’ve heard pretty good things so am looking forward to testing it out.


Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Flawless Matte Palette £8
The Makeup Revolution Matte palette is actually the palette which I’ve had for the longest and is also my personal favourite. Makeup Revolution has been up and coming for a while, mostly for their affordable dupes (not sure you can call them that they’re so similar) but they actually have a bunch of really great products. I personally really love their baked highlights but this palette has always been a go to. I have been using the more ashy browns to fade my eyebrows for years and the fact that it has a decent sized mirror in it makes it perfect for travelling. Really worth the £8 price tag. The only downside is that the pan sizes are tiny so if you really like to get in their then that might be a problem. I’ve never hit pan on any of the individual shadows but there’s not really an option to dig in and swirl your brush. 

makeup revolution.jpg



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