Maybelline X Gigi Hadid Collection Review.

Hello my lovelies,
The other day I picked up a bunch of products from the Gigi Hadid collection. I’ve been seeing it advertised everywhere and I’m loving the sort of plain, nude packaging which seems to be really in right now (KKW, Fenty beauty). It was a really good move by Maybelline in my opinion. I was planning on picking up at least 5 or 6 products to test and review but in the end only decided to pick up four pieces as the rest just really didn’t look for me. The palettes in my opinion just looked odd and not really my thing and I’ve got so many variations of all of the lipsticks and liners so I just picked up the  Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Fiber Mascara East CoastMaybelline x Gigi Hadid Liquid Eyeliner East CoastMaybelline x Gigi Hadid Eyeshadow Brush West Coast and the Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Eye Contour Brush East Coast. 

gigi hadid 2.jpg

Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Fiber Mascara East Coast

So, I actually picked up this mascara thinking that it was going to be one of those mascaras where you have a wand for the top lashes and a smaller wand for the lower but it turned out it was one of those weird fiber lashes which I was super anxious about. I suffer with extremely sensitive eyes and the only drugstore branded formula which I have found to be okay for my eyes and not make it look like I’ve sat through the saddest movie in the world is the Maybelline formula. But I wasn’t sure how I felt about sticking weird felty things on my eyelashes. In the end it turned out that it was really nice. The mascara formula was the same that I’m used to and didn’t affect my eyelashes at all, the only thing was that I was super, duper careful when applying the fibers. I really did not want to put any of it in my eye accidentally but in the end after the top coat my it ended up really nice and I found it non-irritant at all. It actually improved the length of my eyelashes massively and did so much more than a regular mascara. 

Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Liquid Eyeliner East Coast

I’ve always been dubious with felt liners as the only experience I’ve had before is with the soap and glory range which I really did not like. The only pro that I could find with the soap and glory range was how comfortable to wear which I guess is the benefit of felt eyeliners in general but I don’t mind a bit of discomfort for long wear so I’ve never bothered to pick another up until now and I’m really pleased that I did. The Gigi Hadid formula was super black and lasted a hell of a long time and there was no clump like you get with a liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner. I’m really, really impressed with everything that this product has to offer apart from how lightweight the entire product is. That’s what happens with drugstore brands but when you are applying eyeliner personally I like to have a weighty product to apply it with. 

gigi hadid.jpg

Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Eyeshadow and Eye contour brushes

These are the products that I really did not enjoy. I thought I’d pick these up as I need so many new brushes and I really wish I didn’t. Everything about it just screams cheap. It’s so light and really short so you cannot get a comfortable hold on it. The brushes themselves do the job but really were not anything to write home about but the main problem was the length. Pretty much all of my other brushes are at least the size and length of a paint brush that reaches over the top of my hand but with these brushes didn’t rest comfortable between my thumb and finger so when blending I actually found it really, really shakey as I didn’t have the comfort. 

Have you picked anything up from this collection? if so what did you think?

Speak soon,

Hannah x



2 thoughts on “Maybelline X Gigi Hadid Collection Review.

  1. Thanks for this review, it was a great read!! I’ve been wondering about these products, cause I’ve heard a lot of bad things about them when they first launched.

    Maddie |

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