Preparing for life with Two under Two.

I’ve heard so many different times and even said myself a number of those times. ‘two under two, I couldn’t do that’ when someone mentions the age of their babies. I have always looked at them kind of mums with a real respect, two under two is a challenge and I know that before my second is even here. The one thing that’s reassuring me is the fact that before Leo was born I had this exact fear, that I wasn’t going to be able to cope with a baby but the main thing that I’ve learned from becoming a mother is that you just adapt. I was worried about sleep, about socialising with my friends, about having a whole nother being rely on me but when the time comes if something doesn’t work or is just too hard then you just adapt.

Saying that when it comes to baby s, we are having to think about more things in advance when it comes to day to day life. Leo is pretty lenient with his bedtimes and nap times so that is something I really, really have to get into check in the next 10 weeks but it’s super hard with Ricardo’s working patterns. Over christmas when we all had time off as a family Leo had the most lovely schedule and was down for the night every night at 9.30pm but now Ricardo is back at work he only gets back at around 8pm and leo is so excited when he sees him he won’t go down anything before 10-10.30. I’ve tried having down time before rico gets here, getting into pyjamas, having early dinner and baths but nothing works and the second his daddy is home he’s bouncing all over the walls like a mad one. Now I don’t overly mind this as the evenings in our household are usually time to eat dinner, watch a film and snuggle up and leo is pretty content on just watching whatever film is on tv at the time or reading a book with us but I just need to have some kind of continuity when it comes to the new baby and Leo’s sleeping pattern.

Another thing that I’m having to prepare myself for is the fact that I’m going to try and breastfeed baby s (try being the operative word as it didn’t go too well with Leo and I only lasted a couple of months before moving him onto formula). Even though Leo is probably the most independant little person that I’ve ever met, I’m so worried that he’s going to regress and become jealous or clingy because that would be the worst. He does get clingy when he’s tired which I love. I literally love how much he’s a mummy’s boy it’s adorable the fact that if he’s falling asleep he won’t sit on his dad’s lap unless I’m holding his hand otherwise he squirms and whines for ages.

Although I was initially petrified about having two under two, I’m so excited for Leo and his sister to become so close and for them to grow up together. One of the biggest pro’s about similar ages is that they can literally be best friends and I just can’t help but imagine what Leo will be like with the baby. He’s pretty happy about interacting with other kids and even happier about being rough with other older children but there have been situations where he has been able to play with much younger children and his awareness of their age and size has actually been incredible. There was one time where he approached a little 6 or 7 month old when we took him to the library and didn’t touch her once. He squatted next to her while she looked at him and didn’t even react when the baby tried to pull herself up on him. So fingers crossed for that kind of a relationship.

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speak soon,

Hannah x



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