Holler And Glow: HO HO Glow Illuminating Sheet Mask

Now I picked this sheet mask up a few weeks ago and has been sitting on top of my pile of skincare items so apologies if it is a little bit late for the father christmas themed items but if I don’t use it now I really do not see myself ever getting around to it. I’m not the biggest sheet mask fan as I have combination skin and prefer the satisfaction of a peel mask but I’m pretty sure I picked this particular item up when I was in the midst of my christmas shopping and was at my wits end and just needed to shove something into my shopping basket which was going to motivate me to buy the rest of my items. There could have also been half a dozen pairs of eyelashes added on top but who’s counting.

This sheet mask was bought from primark for £3 which is a little bit over what I’d expect to pay for a sheet mask as most of the similar ones on beauty bay or cult beauty which I usually purchase are around £2 but it was super cute and festive so I thought what the scrooge and bought it anyway.

The mask itself was a little bit of a gimmick I do have to say and even though it did illlumiate that was probably because it was basically just a long sitting moisturising sheet mask which is going to illuminate everything. I’d say if you have oily or combination skin then don’t touch this with a barge pole as my T-zone ended up looking like a wet puddle. If you have dry, dry skin then you will look like a queen I promise.

What’s your favourite sheet mask?

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speak soon,

Hannah x


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