December Favourites.

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Hello my lovelies,
I’ve never done one of these blogs before but new year new me. I might give it a go and we’ve got a couple more days left. I’ve only picked a couple of things seeing as I had my Birthday and Christmas this month and could’ve been here for days.
SkinnyDip Soak it up Bubble bath– Now I specifically asked for this for christmas purely because it’s so god damn aesthetically pleasing. I actually have to be extremely careful with what bubble bath and shampoo I use because I’m allergic to a bunch of stuff that they put in them and it makes me feel like my whole body is tingly if I use something that my body doesn’t agree with so I’ll use it once to see if I can but tbh I actually bought it to put it on my vanity and make it even prettier (i’m going to do a vanity tour in the near future which is why I used stock photos). Where I live actually had a SkinnyDip pop up shop recently which was so cute and would’ve been perfect instagram space but I’m not particularly good if you haven’t noticed. It kind of reminded me of that cute little pink shop on camden market if you know what I mean.
shameless: Now me and Rico don’t get to spend too much time together as he works extremely long hours but in the evenings when he does come home from work we love to binge watch tv programmes. We’ve been through everything from Dexter to Skins to naruto and it’s actually rather hard to find good series’ that we haven’t seen before. We actually put off Shameless for a while because I wanted to watch the UK version and Rico wanted to watch the US version and in the end we settled on the US and have watched 2 seasons in a week pretty much. After Shameless we have Black Mirror season 4 lined up which I’m super excited for as I loved every single other episode that’s been brought out.
superdry reboost Now I’m not a huge superdry fan. I had the superdry JPN coat which was all the rage maybe 5, 6 years ago but apart from that they’ve never really appealed to me but If you are looking to buy your partner or other half something that smells devine then I would suggest you go for this. Rico would come home from work every day smelling delicious and I didn’t even realise that it was superdry. We had this joke for a while that Rico was having an affair because he kept the spray in his work draw and would come home smelling lovely every day.
sleek Dip It Eyeliner: Now i’ve been looking for a nice drugstore eyeliner for a while and I picked this one up at the start of the month. I have to do a lot of trial and error because my eyes are pretty sensitive and if I don’t get the right eyeliner then my eyes start watering within seconds. I don’t usually get many other options than does it irritate me but I like the sleek one a lot. It’s extremely black, easy to apply and long wearing. A definite win.
What have you enjoyed this month?
Speak soon,
Hannah x






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