Suffering With Discreet Anxiety Symptoms.

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so if you have followed this blog since I first started just over a year ago or even when  I had my old blog then you would realise that my blog isn’t so much centered on mental health as it usually is. This is because I’ve just not really had a reason to blog about mental health, I literally thought I was cured of panic attacks. Now when I say panic attacks I don’t mean just feeling overly anxious because my god do I still get that but I mean the conscious panic attacks. The periods of time where I used to get hyperventilation, heart palpitations, sickness, upset stomach, palms sweating, hot and cold flushes and a number of other unpleasant symptoms of being anxious. I genuinely thought that I was completely over that as I had only experiences a panic attack where I felt these symptoms possibly once or twice in the last year. In contrast to this I used to deal with anxiety attacks between 2 and 6 times on a bad day but would rarely go a day without panic attacks.
In my eyes 2017 was anxiety free, I was happy and content and free of panic. Apart from the fact that I’m a little bit of a control freak, I was still mental health positive to a certain extent until I got the chance to look at myself and really think about what I need to thrive. I’m not saying that I was unpleasant, ofcourse not, what I’m saying is that looking back I think I blamed myself a little bit too much for my behaviour when in fact I believe I’m just a bit uneducated on anxiety. I actually came to this conclusion when I saw a tweet that somebody retweeted onto my timeline (I’m not sure who so I can’t reference it sorry) but it stated that panic attacks come in many more forms than the general symptoms that you associate it with and I realised how true that was when I did a little bit of research. The NHS definition of panic attacks online compiles a list of every standard symptom and everything that I used to suffer with ie. sweats, stomach cramps, stomach churning, dizziness and a number of different things. I’ll leave a link to the page so that you can see for yourself if you click here.
Now there is a massive long list here of different symptoms but they are all of the pretty standard ones, there are hundreds of thousands of different symptoms and every single person’s idea of anxiety is different (i’m not slating the website, it actually did a very good job about explaining anxiety symptoms.)  There is a lot of stigma surrounding mental health and anxiety because it is a silent condition, for the majority of the time You cannot see physical symptoms and panic attacks can be mistaken for a number of different things including being rude or antisocial or shy when in fact the person is really struggling which is why it is important to be considerate of everyone. There have been a number of times I have been in public and put in a social situation which from the opinion of the other person made me look rude or obnoxious when in real life I was frozen on the inside, just blurted out the first thing that came into my head or physically couldn’t bring myself to make eye contact. Some people may be fine in social situations and develop anxiety on buses or trains or when having to make phone calls.
For my new years resolution I am definitely going to make a stand to blog more about mental health and to be more considerate of just everybody in general.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different blog.
speak soon,
Hannah x




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