Oh Co-sleeping, How I Will ‘NOT’ Miss You.

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So, Leo has been a pretty easy baby for the first year of his life. Apart from the fact that he’s probably the most boisterous child that I have ever met, I really have no right in saying that he’s been difficult because it’s far from it. The only other problem I’ve come across since having Leo is sleep. Now it’s not to the extent of some people whose children will be up every 40 minutes all night screaming but it has been exhausting. We began co-sleeping with Leo when he was around 3 or 4 months and he came down with a nasty case of Bronchitis, he was still in his moses basket at the time and would find himself choking in his sleep multiple times a night. It was traumatizing to the point where I don’t think I slept at all for two or three nights in a row until I decided that him sleeping in the bed would be the best option and at the time it really was. I would sleep on my side with my arm straight out and Leo would sleep on his side too with his head resting on my arm so that he was elevated. It stopped him choking a lot and notified me everytime he started coughing as he would barely make a noise and not even wake up.
Unfortunately after his Bronchitis did clear up he refused to go back into his moses basket or cot. Every time I would try and lower him into the moses basket his arms would flail out and he would immediately awaken and the rare time that he did sleep in his moses basket it would only be for 10 minutes at a time maximum. It got to the point where I would just let him sleep in the bed with us all of the time which I really wasn’t overly happy with.
It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy Leo sleeping in the bed, it was just that it was massively uncomfortable for me and Leo is such a wriggler I’d wake up sometimes with him full on laying on my face or with a toe up my nose and it just wasn’t pleasant. Plus the fact that as soon as he would fall asleep I would either have to go to bed or to hold onto him until I wanted to go to sleep it really didn’t give me much independance.
Over the year period I tried time and time again to move him into his cot using pretty much every method that I could think of. I tried controlled crying but leo’s so stubborn that he was still going after 45 minutes as if I had just put him in there and we have upstairs and downstairs neighbors so I didn’t think that was fair on anybody. I also tried just being persistent but would literally go days without sleep. In the end I spoke to a bunch of mums on facebook and explained my situation who and they pretty much all said the same thing, that I had to just wait until he was ready and when he was he’d transition on his own. At the beginning I was dubious but the last few weeks he really has just transitioned on his own. It’s wonderful, One day I just tried to see if he would go into his bed and he is now sleeping the entire night in his cot every single night. I’m not sure if he became a deeper sleeper, or wanted his independence or even was just too cramp i the bed with all of us but he’s really thriving and so am I. I genuinely feel refreshed and able to do things that I want to do which is why if you follow my blog then you’ll realise I’ve become much more consistent. The only down side to Leo sleeping in his cot is that sometimes I find it hard to sleep without him as he was in the bed for a year but it’s nice to be able to stretch out and not fall into the bed guard multiple times a night.
Speak soon, 
Hannah x



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