Affordable Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas.

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Good morning my wonderful people,
So In our house we usually have a tradition and that is no christmassyness until after the 2nd of December (my birthday) but after then we can go in all guns blazing and every year that I’ve lived with my parents we have. This year is the second year that Ricardo, Leo and myself have all lived together and we were able to decorate our first ever christmas tree as a family of the three and I have found it super super exciting. I can definitely  see why some people put their trees up in the middle of November, I’m not going to out anybody but you know who you are.
Even though we were a family and were living in our flat last year we just didn’t get round to getting a tree for a number of reasons including the fact that Leo was only One month old and we spent the majority of christmas with Rico’s family who live three hours away. So this is technically our first christmas as a christmassy little family and it’s been super duper cute. Now there are two things that your girl can shop for, one of them being Leo, I can never buy him enough things and another being home decor. I just love it and everything it does. I love being able to be creative and use my personality to make a cozy little home even though Rico doesn’t really understand it. I’ve been trying to buy a new shower curtain from urban outfitters for the last couple of months but he won’t let me as he says who needs to spend 30 quid on a shower curtain. THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE THAT’S WHO. I feel like I need some girl power back up so please please please ladies comment on how much of a great investment 30 pound rainforest inspired shower curtains are going to be for our lives.
So back to the point of my blog post. Decorations. I thought that to have a cute tree then I’d need to spend a pretty penny (which I certainly did not have in late November early December) but we actually ended up spending less than 20 pounds for the entire tree and decorations. I can’t even explain how much I love it, especially the fact that it was cheap as chips. Now my mum picked up the tree for me off gumtree for free but it does retail at 30 pounds from argos so that was a pretty good find. Gumtree, facebook selling pages and ebay are absolute lifesavers when it comes to budgeting and to be honest most of leo’s babygrows and vests are from ebay and gumtree.
The decorations were about £15 in total which is cheap as chips if you think about how reusable they can be. All of the decs are from Primark.
Affordable Christmas tree decoration ideas (2)
I picked up two boxes of these cute bauble for about £3 each, i love the mermaid colours so much and they’re not overly girlie either. Now this is completely personal preference but I do actually like colour schemes on tree but I don’t like the frosted white trees so it gives just enough of a pop of colours.
Affordable Christmas tree decoration ideas (3).png
The gorgeous tinsel was only £1 a string which is incredible and I picked up four. One turquoisey coloured one which matches the baubles nicely and another cute duochrome white/blue/pink string.
Affordable Christmas tree decoration ideas (4).png
I couldn’t find a star to put on top of the tree and if I have time I’ll get leo to make a cute one but I decided to splash out on a gorgeous gold bauble for £5 with mrs potts and chip on. There is so many gorgeous beauty and the beast bits and bobs around at the moment and I hope that I can keep it for a long long time.
How have you guys decorated your trees?
Speak soon,
Hannah x

8 thoughts on “Affordable Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas.

  1. This is such an adorable tree! I love the mermaid baubles and the tinsel—so pretty. I was definitely one of “those” people this year—my tree was decorated mid-November. A white tree with a silver star topper, silver and gold ornaments, multi-colored candy canes, and, if I can ever find them, a white strand of gold lights. Great post, thanks for sharing x

    -Helene |


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