Date Night, Norwich VS. Sheffield Wednesday

Hiya lovelies,
I hope that you’re all okay and having a wonderful week. I do have a confession, this weeks blog is coming a little bit late. I do this a lot as I have 6 or 7 scheduled in a row but nobody would usually ever know this but If this post comes out when I plan for it to then it’ll be Tuesday. The day that I’m actually writing this is Saturday night. Is that cheating or clever? i’m really not sure.
Tonight was date night (YAY!!!). Ricardo and myself don’t usually go on dates; not because we can’t but because we’re pretty content curling up on the sofa with a good film and a tube of pringles most nights. So when we do actually get a chance to go out just the two of us then it’s so lovely and really means a lot. We went to Norwich City Football Club which is actually our local team and watched them play Sheffield Wednesday as the tickets were kindly gifted to us by Rico’s boss. Football definitely is not my forte but I have to let you know that I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and found it hilarious whenever somebody threw themselves on the floor dramatically. I’m not sure that Rico enjoyed the incessant question asking but I did manage to keep the ‘What does the offside rule mean?’ question to myself. I’ve tried asking a couple of times before and the feeling of animosity and the pure confusion I feel during and directly afterwards really wasn’t worth it. Apart from the fact that I was possibly the most rookie person at the game I did thoroughly enjoy myself especially the Dinner that we had before at Delia’s restaurant and bar beforehand.
Leo’s god mother Danielle looked after him for the few hours that we were out. It’s nice having a best friend who you trust massively with your child as I’m a pretty anxious person, especially one who sends multiple multiple selfies of them having fun.
So I’ve never actually been to Delia’s restaurant before but have really wanted to for a long long long time. It was actually even nicer than I thought it would be and I was so pleased that I’d bought myself a new shirt and pair of eyelashes because I ended up only just looking like I hadn’t accidently wandered in. I think the direct quote Rico directed towards me was ‘it’s nice to see you in proper clothes’ haha probably referring to the fact that my daily outfit of choice is no makeup, hair tied up, leggings (occasionally oversized dungarees and an oversized usually spit covered t-shirt or jumper. It was nice to have something to dress up for and even nicer when you take off your makeup when you get home. Girls you know what I mean when you peal off your eyelashes and put them on the bedside table, yeah it was one of them nights.
Can we actually talk about how good all of this food looked. To be honest I still can’t stop thinking about the mushroom pastry with the hollandaise sauce. It was just purely incredible, so if you ever find yourself near Norwich City Football Club then deffo make a stop towards Delia’s.
We even managed to get a cute little couples photo for the rare rare occasion and didn’t look overly ugly. Usually we give up after 2 or 3 attempts as somebody gets frustrated with each other but we actually managed to get a semi nice photo even though the mirror is covered in toddler fingerprints.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog,
speak soon,
Hannah x

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