Mummy Cuddles Cure Everything.


I’m not going to lie to you, the last couple of days have been pretty damn trying. Leo came down with the winter vomiting bug and it’s the first sickness bug he’s ever had apart from when he was 3/4 months old and he had Bronchitis but I can barely ever remember that.

I’ve usually got the most charismatic and boisterous little boy going, with his personality developing day by day, so seeing him so sad and lacking of energy was extremely difficult. All he wanted to do was cuddle for three days straight and we brought out the big snuggly duvet out and thanked the lord that Sky had released their christmas films because there’s only so many times I can watch Monsters University and that one movie with the singing animals. I don’t remember what it’s called but I can quote about 95% of it (ironic huh). The only time we transitioned from the sofa to be brutally honest was to shower and to sleep which was another pitfall. Leo’s been doing so well with his cot sleeping. I’m not even sure what happened but we’ve tried for months and months on end for him to sleep in his cot which has resulted in days of sleepless nights and uncomfortable foot in the face sleeps when I finally gave in and let him sleep in our bed. Apparently he just decided one day that he is too grown to be sleeping with mummy and daddy and falls asleep in his own cot at the drop of a hat now. I just hope to god that this hasn’t put a spanner in the works. I’ll let you know in a few days I guess.

I’m just looking at this as another milestone that we’re crossing, I mean everything has to happen at some point or another whether it’s a good or bad milestone but that’s just me being optimistic. One of the other points I find whenever we run into a stepping stone or when something negative happens is the appreciation that I have for my mum increases tenfold. There were so many times that i took my mum for granted and shouted in her face that it was just their job to do things for me but I’ve only just appreciated the actual self sacrifice that it takes to raise a child. So if you’re reading this mumma (probably not.) sorry for being a massive brat when I was younger.

It just proves that a parents love is just out of this world (sorry soppy) and if you’d have told me 3 years ago that I’d go days without sleep and be looking after a tiny little sproglet I would have laughed at you and thought that even if I did have a baby I probably wouldn’t even know how to hold it.


Hope you enjoyed this little update,

Speak soon,

Hannah x



2 thoughts on “Mummy Cuddles Cure Everything.

  1. I hope he feels better soon! My 16 month old has just randomly started sleeping in his cot, just like how you described. He’s always slept with us (his choice, not ours), and suddenly it’s changed. Even at nap time! And this came straight after a bug, which usually sets everything back and he won’t even look at his own bed. So I’m passing you on those vibes, hoping Leo will be the same way! You’re doing great xxx

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