My First Year Of Being A Mother.


The day that Leonardo was born was such a vivid day but feels like a lifetime. I can no longer remember the days where I’d sleep until 2pm, eat food warmer than lukewarm and being able to have a wee without having a small being sitting at me feet. Now I find myself constantly being tired but happier than I’ve ever been in my life.

It’s been a blessing to watch Leo develop into a charming, cheeky a stubborn little boy and for everybody else to be able to see the qualities which I love so much.

I was always a little bit baffled about the social media mums and the need to blog and talk about their babies but now I get it because there is Nov greater pride in life than raising a child.


P.s it’s my blogiversary today and I’ve had this particular blog for an entire year. Who’d have thought it x
Speak soon,
Hannah x


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