My Going Away Makeup Bag.

So I am pretty much one of the most unorganised people you’ll ever meet. Not intentionally, I genuinely hate when things aren’t payed out colour coded and nicely coloured but unfortunately I suffer with an awful ailment which is called procrastination. I will spend the entire day thinking about how I can do something and then when I get round to doing it I shrug my shoulders and say I’ll do it tomorrow. Which is why my going away makeup bag is so unorganised, it should have been everything I need but like usual it’s just ‘kind of’ everything I need. Which is fine. But I just needed to get that out of the way.

ricardo’s actually got a week off work this week and we’re spending time with his family which is actually so nice. Ricardo and myself usually spend maybe an hour and a half in the evening together which is filled with down time, making dinner and putting the baby to bed and on average the amount of days of that coinside are about 3 a month so it’s refreshing to be able to spend a week just chilling and spending time with his family.

unfortunately the day before we decided to leave also consisted of down time, dinner making and putting to bed so everything I put in my makeup bag was done in about 3 seconds at 6:45 in the morning so it’s kind of all there but not quite. You’all get the gist so I’ll go through everything I have. I used this cute little Estée Lauder travel makeup bag to take my makeup in.



The only face products that I brought were foundation and concealer. I don’t see the point of bringing primer along as I only really use it when I’m doing a precise makeup look which is either going to go on here or I just want to look snatched. I also very rarely wear foundation so I only brought a full coverage foundation so that I could really do the natural or full coverage. the foundation I bought was the NYX stay matte but not flat liquid foundation in the colour ivory which is actually my go to foundation currently and even almost covers my nose and forehead freckles. I bought too concealers. One lighter colour for under eye which was the seventeen up to 18 hour coverage concealer in the colour extra fair which works wonders and a darker concealer for general blemishes which was the Elf concealer fair which I don’t really use overly amounts.

Contour, highlight and Blush 

Now none of these products are ones that I would typically use on a day to day basis but I wanted small and compact products to fit in my bag. I prefer using palettes for all of these part so of my makeup so that I have a much wider variety. I still brought a cute little blush palette which I have never actually used. It was one of those products which I bought because there was a discount and never even touched. It’s the sleek blush by 3 palette. IT consists of three blushes, two glittery powders and one cream blush which is a nice little concept and perfect for travelling. Again I bought a tiny palette for my contour and this one was one of my favourites when I first got into makeup. It’s the collection highlight and sculpt contour kit which I believe is literally £1.99 and pretty good quality and the highlight I used is on the opposite end of affordable but makes me look snatched to the gods. It’s the Laura mercier face illuminator in devotion. Again super duper expensive but my god it’s a great product.

Eyes and Eyebrows

Now this one was a prime example of literally shove everything into my bag and hope for the best and I can confidently say that I messed up. The only eyeliner I brought was a bright purple and definitely did not look it when I was packing it bleary eyed the other morning but I’ve just had to work with what I’ve got and that’s the nyx vivid brights eyeliner in the colour vivid violet. Not your every day go to look but I’ve made it work (I hope). I went a little bit safer with my mascara and just chucked in my go to ysl mascara volume effet faux cils and even safer with my eyebrow wax and powder just chucking in my benefit brow zings in 4 which I use on the daily for a natural look. Now eyeshadow is another which I really did not think too much about as I packed 0 base colours or transition colours or anything to blend so we have just dealt with block colours blended for days. I picked up a palette and a single shadow. The palette is one of my go to shadows morphe 12z. If anybody doesn’t have this palette then they deffo need to purchase it. If you don’t believe anyhing I say then believe this. The single shadow is just as cute. It’s the urban decay single shadow in chopper which adds a little glitter and sass to anybodies life.

Let me know what you guys take away with you.

speak soon,

Hannah x



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