Some days I thank the world for nap times.

Okay, so to begin with I’m going to straight away back up the point which I’m about to make. I spent about 40 minutes on my first draft of a blog post and suddenly the entire website crashed. Someone is not looking out for me today. So here is take two of my post today. I love reading blogs to the point where I actually have 6 or 7 ladies who I read their blogs pretty much every single day and dozens more where I check up on a few times a week. I just love seeing everybody lies styles and connecting with individuals through their perspectives on their lives and creativity. It’s wonderful. But there’s one thing that has always got my goat a little bit when it comes to bloggers, especially the more arty parenting bloggers and that’s just how effortless and positive everything is. Now for the majority of the time I love that, but sometimes it’s just makes me feel ever so slightly useless and that’s what I’ve tried to portray since beginning blogging over a year ago. (I know that I have only been blogging for about 10 months but I did actually have a cringy first blog which was scrapped but somewhere on the World Wide Web is still existing).

Every single person has days where they feel overwhelmed or wonder how people cope with certain things and I believe that we should celebrate these things and let everyone know that we’re on all on the same boat. I could’ve written a blog post today on something fabricated or just ignored the baby part and written about a beauty Which I’m not going to lie I’ve actually previously done on the odd occasion but I’ve decided to bite the bullet today.

To be honest today isn’t as bad as yesterday, possibly because it’d be quite difficult to make today as bad or worse than yesterday. Yesterday I had to graciously say goodbye to my laptop (thanks to a shove on the screen from a overzealous baby) and also to my landline phone (thanks to a still overzealous baby who tried to help me clean the toilet). I also had moaning pretty much none stop and for some reason Leo felt the need to climb on possibly everything accessible to him. It was a hard hard day.


today I still have a wingy poorly baby but he seems pretty content to cuddle up and watch cartoons with me which is nice because I feel super duper poorly too.

On another positive note I haven’t worn any makeup in a few days and my skins cleared up nicely and I feel fresh. Always look on the bright side.



2 thoughts on “Some days I thank the world for nap times.

  1. Some days I thank the world for nap time too! In fact, most days! Babies are awesome but EXHAUSTING. The getting-into-everything phase is particularly exhausting. Is your laptop broken?? That’s horrible! I’d be beside myself with frustration…… Hang in there!

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    1. Isn’t it just. I don’t know how something so little can be so full of energy most of the time and unfortunately yes. Hopefully will be able to get a fix in a month *fingers crossed* thank you for reading x


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