Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Swatches and Review.

Hello my lovelies,

ABH has been on of my top makeup brands ever since I purchased my first Dip Brow and I’m sure many, many people will agree with me. Each product I seem to purchase feels luxury and weighty and even though I always buy my products off of Beauty Bay (which is always next day delivery) I find myself anxious and on edge until my package arrives.

I’ve actually been sitting on this product for a while and have tested it vigorously in a number of different ways. It is the Aurora Glow kit which was priced at 39 English Pounds which is a hell of a lot of money for anything let alone highlights. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to spend this amount of money on myself but fortunately I have an extremely considerate fiancee who also listens to me when I drivel on about makeup brands so I was actually surprised with this for our two year anniversary a couple of months ago.

The palette has a gorgeous lilac and light pink dip dye on the sleeve and the actual packaging of the glow kit and the detail is gorgeous with indented surfaced where the text on the front is and reflective text. It looks extremely expensive (which it certainly is. The cover is even magnetic so has that satisfying click when it closes, its attention to detail like this which makes ABH an extremely sought after product.

Moving onto the actual product you have 6 different shades of highlight which is displayed identically to the MoonChild Glow highlight Kit which was one of their first I believe. The top three consists Eclipse, Luna and Spectra which in order are a pastelly tangeriney type colour in the pan, a bright white with an ever so slight pink undertone and a deep purple which I really wasn’t too sure of to start off with. (please don’t judge my vagueness of colour description, it’s never been my forte).

The bottom row of shadows are named Helia, Orion and Lyra and are in order again, a champagne highlight with possibly a blue or green undertone, I can’t tell but I really like it, A bright blue highlight and a Deeper darker orange. Each colour is completely different to the others and I really really love the colour selection.


Moving onto the formula it’s gorgeous and creamy and each one swatches like a complete dream. I love them all but when applied to the skin they are so so pigmented. I have never experienced anything like it. I prefer a more subtle highlight but they do easily blend out with some work. I always use the Morphe M509 to highlight so maybe fan brush could be easier, Ill need to try it. Also another point about the formula is that they are extremely easy to blend together and especially blending the blue and purples you can create a gorgeous looking duo chrome effect similar to the Kat Von D’s highlight palette.


All in all I love this palette and it is my go to for night’s out and when I’m feeling super boujee but on particular days when its natural makeup then I’ll usually opt for a More natural looking highlight (mostly the mary-loumanizer.

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Speak soon,

Hannah x



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