Teething with a Vengeance.

You know those times when you wait and hope for something to happen so much and when it does it’s nothing like you expected and you almost scald your past self. Well that’s the predicament that I’m in right now.  When Leo was maybe 4 or 5 months we had the hint of one tooth and I was so excited, it didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest and I thought that it would be the start of our teething journey but unfortunately he didn’t want anymore teeth at that point.

Almost 6 months later and at 10 months, I wonder why I used to pray for his teeth to come in and I was getting so worried he was going to be a gummy cutie for his entire life I’d done the dreaded google on a couple of occasions. It just turned out that he was waiting until he was just 10 months for them all to raise their adorable shattering faces?

It’s almost been two weeks and we have two teeth half way through and two which are just beginning to cut through his gums and it’s even more horrendous that I thought. I haven’t had the stereotypical temperature but my god have I had a grumpy baby, It’s so difficult to watch because lilo rarely ever grumbles at all apart from when he’s tired or hungry but he has been super cuddly for the past couple of weeks so it’s not all bad. It’s just a pity that they haven’t come through more in stages because I think it’s even more uncomfortable than usual as there are so many coming through at once.

The only thing that I am enjoying about this teething journey is the adorable faces that he now pulls, he looks even cuter with his top and bottom tooth and he’s learned to scrunch his face up which he does frequently. Here’s a photo set of the many faces of Lilo.

Are there any mumma’s out there with any good teething advice?

Speak soon,

Hannah x


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