How I Make Time For Myself Being a Full Time Mum.

Half the time I feel like I have 0 time and everything is crowded on top of me and the other half I’ve got an abundance of time but no matter which of these stages my life is at, I always make time for myself and to do the things which I enjoy.

Being a mum, it is quite hard to sit down and to read a book or even eat a hot plate of food sometimes and there are a number of tricks which I have learned to make the days a nice balance. One of the main things that I have worked out works best for me, is strict scheduling. Ever since Leo has been a young baby he has always fallen into a routine pretty quickly but even so we work hard to make sure that it is kept.


I am a person who would prefer to get up early as opposed to go to bed later (if you told me this two years ago that I would be saying that I would probably laugh in your face) so making sure that Leo’s bedtimes are earlier is essential. On a normal night he will fall asleep at between 8:30 and 9pm and this works nicely for everyone. To be honest If I had it my way it would be earlier but Rico gets home from work between 7:30pm and 8pm so it gives them a nice little bit of time together in the evenings before bedtime.

This means that he wakes up at around 6am. Leo likes to watch cartoons for the first half hour to 45 minutes when he wakes up and play with his toys on the floor until he fancies breakfast so that is usually the time where I make him his morning bottle in preparation of when he wants it and update my blog if I need to. Then while Leo is drinking his morning bottle and having his morning porridge I will usually put the washing in the washing machine.

His naps are also pretty consistent on a day to day basis, his first being at around 11am and second being a couple of hours later and this is usually the point in the day when I am able to catch up on my tv programmes or read a book. I’m really thinking about getting an ebook so I can read when Leo is awake as he is drawn in by book pages and finds great amounts of entertainment in ripping my pages and sometimes even eating them.

I’ve found recently that I really enjoy reading fantasy books (which I’ve enjoyed since I was a little girl), I am also teaching myself sign language and attempting to teach leo baby sign language (he knows the sign for food and laughs whenever I do it before a meal), me and Rico also like to make time to watch films because cinema going has always been one of out favourite activities since we first starting dating and even though we can’t go to the cinema for the time being we still thoroughly enjoy finding good new films.

Work has also been one of the biggest factors in my free time as I have a beautiful lengthy bus journey which gives me the opportunity to read sometimes whole books. Unfortunately I haven’t mastered is sleeping on any kind of transport and is something to be thoroughly desired. Hopefully one I can one day achieve.

Speak soon,

Hannah x




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