Baby Led Weaning and so It Begins.

And so it begins, a new stage in leo’s life that I’ve been so excited for. Leo is finally starting baby led weaning, I’m not sure that I can actually call it that as Leo has been on pureed for a while but I just don’t think that it’s stimulating enough for him. He enjoys being able to participate in everything that I ever do and when I feed him with a baby spoon he just really wants to feed himself and snatches the spoon out of my hands every 2 seconds. I think that it will improve his gross and fine motor skills and also his hand eye coordination incredible amounts and he’ll find it more enjoyable.

Another reason is because the only food he really likes is fruit and I’ve been having to add fruit to everything I’ve pureed so maybe if he’s eating just normal food then he will find more tastes that he enjoys and we will be able to expand his diet. I actually started BLW with Leo yesterday and gave him scrambled egg and toast but mixed it all with fruit purees so that he could get used to the new textures as opposed to the taste because it may put him off, so I’ll slowly incorporate more tastes and textures.

I’m going to start with kiwi, pears, apples, mangos, carrots, potato, rice, pasta, toast and similar foods and possibly add fish later on. I was actually debating only giving him a vegetarian diet but I know some people who have been raised veggie and have resented it about their parents when they grew up so I’m not going to do that. I will let him make his own decisions when he is older.

It’s such an exciting stage with having a child because it’s like they’re becoming more and more like a toddler. Me and Rico actually say this all the time how he doesn’t seem like a baby in the sense of wa wa eat sleep and poop baby because he’s so aware of everything but it’s so lovely as well because he’s able to enjoy so much more and be incorporated in a lot of things that we do.


Here is Leo’s lunch today which is egg noodles and sweetcorn.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


10 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning and so It Begins.

  1. I love baby led weaning, it is so fun to watch them discover new foods! Our little guy is getting to where he can eat many things we eat now and that makes it so much easier too. Have fun!

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  2. Such a fun stage to be at (although cleaning the floor every two minutes isn’t haha)! My girl loved chunks of sweet potato and butternut squash too, or sweet potato and spinach mash which was her absolute fave then! xo


  3. I make bibs for toddlers learning to feed themselves. I made them for my own daughters (twins). Is there a way I can send you one (free) to get feedback? It is really great because it covers messy munchkins so well! This is not an ad…they are on Etsy if you want to check out. jmartinstudio
    Great led weaning bib. Let me know which one you want. Thank you so much.
    BTW: I’m going to be a grandma! My daughter’s last name Gross is newly pregnant. So excited!
    That’s why I’m grandmagross…

    Also, cooked butternut squash was a good first food for mine.


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