Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe and Light Palette: Review and Swatches.

Okay so I’m pretty mad, I had written this entire blog and spent over an hour correcting all of my dyslexia induced mistakes and for some reason my computer decided to delete all of my blog posts. So here we go again. Today I am actually reviewing another drugstore product, today being the makeup revolution Ultra Strobe and Light palette. pictured below.


This palette retails for £8 and with 8 shades I think that’s a pretty good price at only £1 per shade. So even if you don’t like all of the colours then there will probably be something that you will like. There is also a variety which have been incorporated and you can tell that somebody has really putten thought into it.

Regarding the formula, I was pleasantly surprised, actually in the pan it looked so chalky but when you swatch your finger through it it’s a really creamy consistency, the only bad point about this shade is that it’s completely full of glitter, like ram packed. So it might be a better palette maybe for festivals or really really extra makeup days or even if you just really really like glitter, you do you.

There’s a massive array of shades in this palette which vary massively, I’m actually quite impressed how the majority of bronzy tones cater towards a much deeper skin tone. Personally I could only wear two of the 8 shades, maybe three if I’m feeling the golden pigment and the rest I really can’t touch for highlight. I could actually use the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th for blush toppers because I don’t mind a bit of glitter in my blush topper so it’s completely multi use.



Here are the finger swatches, excuse the bottom picture as seconds later my child was knocking my camera out of my hands and I didn’t realise until I was uploading the footage late at night.

Speak soon,

Hannah x



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