Day out at the Norfolk Show.

I have never been to the Norfolk show before and I feel quite honestly if I’d have gone before I had Leo I would have dragged my feet the entire way around in a mood, so it’s worked out nicely. Since I’ve had my baby I have realised what’s important and that’s my family and Leo. I appreciate my parents and jump at the chance of going out with them now, especially on days out which Leo is starting to enjoy more and more. So the Norfolk show with my mum was a chance I jumped at and it was wonderful.

There were hundreds of stalls and shows and it exceeded my expectations massively, there was even a stall that my work had hired out which I didn’t even realise.

Leo’s still quite little so he didn’t find the main events particularly entertaining, he found entertainment in all of the scaffolding which surrounded the different events and ended up constantly wanted to lick the metal. each to their own. We also watched the horses going around and Leo’s just learned how to clap so he found great enjoyment in clapping and getting praised everytime everyone else clapped. There was such a variety of different activities, it was really wonderful.


There were multiple tents for all of the different animals which included, goats, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens, and cows. Fun fact, I have actually always wanted chickens in my garden but have a bit of a phobia of birds (and after proof reading this blog I realised I actually don’t have a garden right now, just a balcony) I really like the silkie chickens though they’re so little and cute and fluffy, I think that they’d be made for me.



And then it came to the tent that I was looking forward to, the food tent which was actually the busiest. It was full of every kind of food and I managed to grab probably more than a dozen different samples which was the highlight of my day actually. There is a definite finesse that you have to learn when you are trying to take all of the samples of food without buying anything which includes having the best small talk ever.


Have any of you guys been to the Norfolk show?

speak soon,

Hannah x


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