7 day Exercise Experiment for Sustaining a Positive Mental Health. End Result.

If you haven’t read my first blog post in this tiny, mini series then you can do so if you click the link HERE and that will basically sum up what’s going on but if you can’t be bothered (I don’t blame you at all) then that’s fine.

So I’ve been feeling pretty happy recently and decided that for once I was going to help sustain my positivity. I’m fed up of feeling happy for a while and then crashing down and I’ve tried methods to raise my levels when I’m down but I’ve never taken my future into my hands to make positive steps.

So for an entire week I decided to do 30 minutes exercise before lunch every single day to see how I felt after and whether it help me stay happy and whether I could continue the exercise.

Usually when I am having negative spells I find it difficult to tidy, look after myself and 100% of my energy goes into looking after Leo and not much else. Previously before Leo I would just lay in bed and would find it so difficult to even do the simplest tasks. I’m sick of feeling like this but have had pretty bad experiences with counselling and being prescribed meds so I’m going to do a number of different tasks by myself for myself.

So the week started off pretty well, I actually managed to do loads of things and had a really busy week. i managed to do all of my washing and ironing and kept the house tidy and had time to concentrate on Leo which was nice and even when I was exercising it didn’t even really feel like it because we just went to the park multiple times which was really sweet. I think if Leo could spend all day everywhere just attempting to eat the sand then he would for sure. He spent the entire week just in a state of being cheery and happy.

I have to say towards the end of the week I did actually feel quite down, not because I was having a low spell but it was a week before my period and I always get a bit low and emotional but I did still manage to do all of my exercise and housework, I didn’t even cancel on anybody because I am notorious for doing that when I am having a low spell.

All in all I think it was entirely worth while. I’m actually taking a stand to exercise more in general and am trying to go out on work out based fast walks at least 2 or 3 days a week which will hopefully continue the spell of feeling on top of the world.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


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