Rimmel London Extra Long Lash Review for Sensitive Eyes.

Hi guys,

So I’ve decided to do this new series for all you poor souls out there like myself who suffer with extremely sensitive eyes and find it extremely difficult to find a mascara which does a good job and doesn’t leave us looking like a 2004 emo music video by the end of the day.

Today for my first review I am going to do a new product. I picked this up at the weekend with the concealer that I did a review on the other day and decided to review about the mascara also from a watery eyed human.


So this is a Rimmel London, Extra Long Lash which retails for £4.99 from drugstores. I’m always so sceptical about drugstore mascaras because they’re just so hit and miss and there is literally no way you can have an idea about it before you purchase but I decided to push the boat out and just go for it.


Now please excuse my unruly eyebrows at the minute, I literally have not plucked my eyebrows in close to 6 months but I’m working it. This is my eyelashes before mascara (sobs!) I literally have none which makes it hurt even more that I have sensitive eyes as you don’t even understand I have to plaster that mascara on, layer after layer.

Now I’m not actually wearing any face makeup as It’s so so hot and my hair is super scruffy because I’m going to wash it when Leo has his lunch nap, don’t judge me but the makeup that I am actually wearing is the Mac studio finish concealer in NW10, the NYX eyeshadow base, and violet voss palette for the base shade, transition shade and crease shade for a natural look. For my eyebrows I have literally just put a bit of the ABH DipBrow Pomade in.

On initial inspection the spooly on the Mascara is actually extremely similar to the benefit they’re real mascara. I didn’t manage to get a photo of that before the sprog woke up so Imma just describe it for yall. It’s a long, thin brush which is extremely hard. Maybe slightly harder that the they’re real brush.


This is what the mascara looked like after 2 layers, I don’t curl my lashes because they’re quite delicate and I’ve gotta protect the little bit of what I have so this is actually quite a good end result. The fact that the brush was so hard meant that it’s much easier to separate the lashes if they get clumpy and for 2 layers it’s quite good considering I literally had no lashes.

Regarding what the Mascara actually did for my eyes, they didn’t seem to affect them, I have previously used a different Rimmel London Mascara before and really did not like it. It was panda eyes all round so I’m really impressed. The only thing that could be detrimental against the end effect is the hard brush. The formula of the mascara is pretty good but if you get sensitive eyes from the brushes (which I don’t) then maybe not.

Speak soon,

Hannah x



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