An open Letter to my Fiance.

To Riccardo,

So today is actually fathers day and I know that in an ideal world this will be written, edited and posted today we definitely don’t live in an ideal world. So I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this on the day that it is posted then I hope you had a really lovely Tuesday.

Firstly I want to say Thankyou, Thankyou for being such a caring and considerate person. Thankyou for being there for me throughout everything over the last 2 years and most of all Thankyou for sticking with me when times were tough and we had to work super duper hard for us to reach our own personal piece of bliss. I am a lucky girl to be able to wake up every day to not one but two beautiful boys ready to greet me and make it so much easier to get up in the morning.

There have been times over the last couple of years when we have both found it difficult, an unexpected pregnancy, moving 200 miles and having to create an entire life together in only a number of months and I admire you so much for being able to leave everything you had to start a life you could have no idea about. Even though we squabble like children, we will never go to bed angry and the times that you have held me for hours whilst I have been shaking and cried from anxiety attacks.

Seeing you with our son is the most heartwarming image and knowing that he loves you just as much as I do fills me with joy. I pretend to be annoyed when you’re paranoid if he’s got a temperature or glands are swollen but in reality it’s adorable. I could not imagine spending my life with anyone else and I’m grateful for you every day.

Love from,

Hannah x



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