The Man Behind the Camera.

Hello Guys,

Throughout my blog there have been two people who have taken all of the photos and if you look really carefully you can probably take a wild guess at who took which but here’s a hint. Mine are awful.

It’s not a secret that photography is a huge part of having a successful blog, it engages the audience massively and creates the illusion of being a professional and well put together website. Unfortunately I’m not the best photographer and I don’t get all of the lenses and the lighting and the professional terms. On a good day I can create an average photo if that but fortunately my fiance is passionate about photography and studied it for 2 years (I know I’m a lucky girl). So all of the nicest photos and the photos of myself and Leo were all taken by Rico.

He is a lovely, lovely person to assist my blog so frequently and finally I have convinced him to start his own photography blog so that he can keep all of his favourite pieces in one place and to be honest just show them off, I’m so proud of him and love seeing him doing something that he loves and is talented at.

Here is a link if you would like to have a little look at everything he’s put together so far.

Rico’s blog

Rico’s photography instagram

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