Why I Fell Out of Love With Lipstick.

Oh, lipstick. Once upon a you would always be at the top of my wish list for birthdays and christmases but now you’re pushed the back of my vanity with barely a thought. What went wrong? I feel like I have the same reasoning for pretty much every single thing in my life (if you hate read me as I know a couple of people do then ha here you go) I became a mum. I’m not even sure that I can justify myself in saying that that’s the real reason but it definitely was the final straw.

I think that the thing that began the drastic spiral into boycotting lipstick was that liquid lipsticks became so popular (If i wear anything on my lips it will always be a liquid lipstick HAIII). Initially I actually was rather dubious and i think I put off buying one for a good few months after they released and even then it was a liquid lipstick from revolution for a pound (biggest regret, it smelt and felt like putting industrial paint on my lip which put me off for a while longer). When I could finally face buying one (I actually pushed the boat right out and bought 2) I found that I enjoyed the experience so much more. My second liquid lipsticks were the bourjois velvet lipstick. Although they weren’t transferproof and more of a cream that a liquid lipstick the pigment, long lastingness and durability spoke to my soul and I have never looked back.

So here is my list of reasons why I fell out of love with lipsticks.

  • Have you ever tried kissing a child, partner, animal or literally anything with lipstick. You end up with an odd lipstick to no lipstick ombre lip and the other person is branded with whatever cheery colour you decided to wear.
  • Lipsticks aren’t ever as pigmented so you can’t wear brighter colours. I have a couple of bright colours but they always end up as dull sloppy smears.
  • I hate the feeling when lipstick slides over your lips it makes me cringe so hard, especially when it bunches up in the corners and feels like crayons on your mouth (not that I know what Crayons taste like but you understand me).
  • I feel like with liquid lipsticks you get a lot more for your money. I have never emptied a liquid lipstick but I have had to awkwardly scrape the bottom of lipsticks out of their containers, even going so far as to melt them and reput them in pots.
  • Lipstick on teeth, I’ll say no more
  • When you accidently put the lid on a lipstick when you hadn’t put the lipstick fully down and the end resembles a felt tip that a child has smashed into the paper.

As much as I am slating them, I am always open to having my mind changed so if you can recommend your faves, I will deffo be open to trying new ones.

Speak soon,

Hannah x



5 thoughts on “Why I Fell Out of Love With Lipstick.

  1. Haha I did the lid-smashing down on a BRAND NEW incompletely closed lipstick once! My heart broke a little.


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