7 day Exercise Experiment for Sustaining a Positive Mental Health.

Hello my lovelies,

If you read my blog post yesterday then you would know that everything has been going really well for me at the moment. Including my mental health. I’m in a really positive place and have no intentions of going back to the place were I was. For months I had suffered with Postnatal depression and for years suffered with Anxiety so I’m no stranger to the physical, Intellectual, Emotional and social symptoms of dealing with poor mental health.

So I have no intention of letting my mental health deteriorate. I have tried to overcome previous bouts of depression and anxiety before but personally found group therapy unpleasant and uninformative, one to one counselling poor as I go in and out of low moods and by the time I get an appointment feel better and I don’t enjoy the way that Doctors prescribe medication, It may work for other people but I have been prescribed anti anxiety or anti depressants 3 times all in the first doctor’s appointment I have gone to which have lasted between 5 and 10 minutes. I do not believe that a doctor can prescribe you something as personalised as anti depressants without even knowing the extent of your symptoms. This is not me saying that I do not believe in medication. The exact opposite sometimes but I don’t agree with prescribing straight away without going down other routes first.

So that looks like I’m going down the natural Diy route. I’m going to start with a little experiment and write down my findings for myself and all of you, every single day I am going to do some form of exercise all over half an hour, write down how I feel and compile it into one blog in a week. I’m actually really excited for this as I am not a motivated person but I am passionate about my blog so hopefully this will give me the motivation to go frequently.


I left for my walk this morning at around 11. I decided to go to the park this morning then walk the long way home as I could pick up Leo’s formula and give Leo a break halfway through as he gets grumpy stuck in his chair.


I took his pushchair but I will see how it goes, if he gets too moany I may try him out in his sling.

Leo is the most cheery baby there is, and is happiest when he’s on the swings. I’ve taken him to the park 3 times in the last 2 days and honestly he’s happier as well as me. It’s only the first day but I have been pretty motivated. I’ve tidied the house and was ironed the clothes I put up to dry yesterday. I’ve also written two blog posts and all round feel awake and happy. So far It’s a really positive start. I will Update how the week in 7 days.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


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